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    1. ashishkashyap25
      HI Pete, its very unfortunate for me to trouble you regarding my very first withdrawal, as there was some error message I got on email which follows "This Withdrawal Request was sent via PayPal to and was unclaimed. The payment has been reversed and points have been returned to your account"

      Please look after the problem as there is no issue with my paypal account as it is already verified.
      1. Pete
        Sounds like you might have entered a wrong email address. Anyway, it's something that only Ryan can help with.
        Sep 10, 2013
    2. mahatav
      Hi Pete, I am new to the postloop portal. After successfully creating account & subscribing the postloop portal. I completed my first task to submit first 10 posts. But by mistake I clicked on unsubscribe icon which resulted me unsubscribe from the portal. Although I subscribe same again But I afraid I have made a serious mistake. Please help me out , what should I do now.
    3. erin
      Hey Pete im trying to suscribe so i can submit my ten post but it keeps saying my email/password doesn't match but im sure it does i double checked multiple times
    4. Randall
      Hi Pete. I was wondering how I can check if my 10 posts were acceptable. How can I check?
      1. Pete
        You should get a notification after someone has reviewed them.
        Nov 8, 2012
    5. BrianDouglas
      So there is more staff! Hi Pete! I'm Brian, 3 days in and enjoying the site and the great time to be had =)
    6. TheSecretNinjaa!
      Hi, I've subscribed to the post loop portal etc and posted 10 comments in some forums in he portal and i'm not sure if it has been accepted and if my account is in the hands of you guys?
      My accounts and TheSecrentNinja! And TheSecretNinjaa:]
      Thanks Pete:)
    7. ashikul islam
      ashikul islam
      Hey Pete, is there any way to earn money from free forums by Postloop?
      1. Pete
        I'm not sure what you mean. The way you can earn money with Postloop is by posting on the forums in Postloop. It doesn't cost you anything to do that.
        Oct 4, 2012
    8. katecruz
      Hi Pete! Is there a way I can send you a private message? Thanks!
      1. Pete
        To send a private message using this software you just click on a person's name then click "start a conversation."
        Aug 27, 2012
    9. Pete
      For technical problems, you'll need to contact Ryan.
      1. Ryan likes this.
    10. anish sangamam
      anish sangamam
      Pete, is not accessible from my pc. I tried everything even restored the last working acronis backup,still no go. I need help.
    11. Sarah C.
      Sarah C.
      Not sure if this is private, if not, how do I open up a private conversation with you Pete?
    12. Sarah C.
    13. Ryan
      Share the wealth, Pete! You're stealing all the pending posters!
      1. Pete
        LOL! OK
        Feb 28, 2012
    14. Pete
      Statistics page seems broken
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Pete
        Awesome! I really like the new option for $ Spent too.
        Feb 12, 2012
      3. Ryan
        Should be useful. Hopefully it doesn't come as a shock to anybody. I would hate for somebody to stop purchasing points because they all of a sudden realize how much money they are spending at Postloop, lol! Hopefully no surprises :)
        Feb 12, 2012
      4. Pete
        It's a helpful planning tool. If anyone stops buying because of it, perhaps they weren't planning very well to begin with, and it does help to show the value of what we're buying.
        Feb 12, 2012
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