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Discussion in 'Existing Users, Questions & Support' started by Emmas_Nana, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Emmas_Nana

    Emmas_Nana New Member

    I made an account on Sure Homes yesterday. When I try to post a message it says "Your account may still be awaiting activation or moderation. (Resend Activation Code)" I have done this atleast 10 times. I have yet to receive an email at all from them. I have checked my spam folder and my trash folder. I have even gone to Sure Homes to make sure that I don't have emails from administration cut off. I am also having trouble finding a way to contact them regarding this. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. Pete

    Pete Staff

    Email deliverability has been a growing problem for forum owners, I've experienced it on my own too. The only one who can solve this issue for you is the admin of that specific forum, Sure Homes. You could contact the here through the Postloop messaging system, or by using their contact form on their website.

    Another thing you could try is using a different email. Some email providers are worse with the false-positive filtering of spam emails. In my experience, ones like Hotmail and AOL are the worse, but even Gmail and Yahoo! can get some false positives sometimes. You might be able to solve the issue yourself by just registering with a better email provider.
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  3. Emmas_Nana

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    :thumbsup: Thank you very much for answering me so quickly! I will contact them and see what they say. I may also try getting a new email provider just in case contacting them doesn't work. Thanks again.

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