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Discussion in 'New Users, Application & Approval' started by whocky, May 2, 2012.

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  1. whocky

    whocky New Member


    I joined postloop yesterday and made my 10 posts. The posts was reviewed and it was decided that although my grammer was good the posts i made wasn't long enough.

    It stated i could make a further 10 posts and i would be reviewed again.

    So that is what i did, i made 10 more posts and made sure they was longer, they was reviewed and low and behold they said:

    " Your posts are of a good length, and your grammar is decent. Your posts, however, feel very unnatural and forced, as if you are posting just for the sake of posting. "

    Unatural? these was just normal posts. Now it says account closed, i feel like i have been robbed, all i want to do is participate.

  2. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    Sorry, but as the message stated, you do not have what we are looking for in writers. You will not be able to use Postloop.
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