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  1. sweetberries

    sweetberries New Member

    Thanks saved this in my favorites
  2. silentcuteb0y14

    silentcuteb0y14 New Member

    Thanks for the advice sir people like spammer and don't and only want to earn will stop and never earn money if they like that , why don't they just enjoy reading forum topics and reply some interesting and helpful post.
  3. sajjad

    sajjad New Member

    well tbh i feel good now cos i knew all these things before i started posting. i thank u for posting the details a noob should keep in mind . +1 to u :thumbsup:
  4. marksm

    marksm New Member

    I am just going through this thread and a lot of good tips here, including the most excellent thread starter.

    I want to support this though. I try to only go to forums I know something about or at least can contribute to the topic. I feel bad posting in off-topic forums and try not to do it as much as possible.

    Off-topic forums have almost no posts on regular forums as they evolve and only become something of substance once the actual topic forums take off and a community is built. On one of my most visited regular forums there are hundreds of regular people who ONLY post in the off-topic forum as the actual topic for the forums is not something any of us care about anymore but the community has developed. That being said, that doesn't happen until the actual forum topic brings people together. I certainly recommend people avoid the off topic forums. It does not mean you can't make an ocassional post in one, but if you go to a forum about Science and Nature and make five off topic posts about sports in the off topic forum, you are probably not helping the forum out.
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  5. André Strand

    André Strand New Member

    Thanks for the device! I liked the "nice post :)" guy, hehe.
    I have one question.
    The exact amount that you earn per post or comment will depend on the quality of content. The higher the quality of your content, the more you will get paid!
    What is quality posts? I understand that "nice post nice post nice post" guy where a poor quality content contributer, but where's the "limit" so to speak. Couldn't find the answer for myself anywhere.
  6. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    That is what this thread is for - to help you understand what it means to make a quality post.
  7. fluffybunny

    fluffybunny Forum & Blog Owners

    I actually enjoyed this OP. It gives all the newbies a bit more information as to what people want on forums.
  8. wneely

    wneely New Member

    I have to agree here. When I started setting up my forum accounts to subscribe to and post in I only chose forums that I knew I could actually contribute something to. The few I was unsure of I went and looked at to see if I could actually be of any use there.

    Personally, I don't speak sports. So my posting in a sports forum would do no one any good because I couldn't contribute anything to a conversation beyond uniform colors. But the science and parenting forums will be fun for me, and I know I'll be able to deliver quality, on-topic posts.

    OP, thank you for the advice. I know this will come in handy for a lot of people. :)
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  9. mws1979

    mws1979 New Member

    It would be nice if each forum owner would list what kind of posts they are looking for, so that we can give them exactly what they want. It's not advantageous to use to make each post 10 lines long like some C.S. Lewis prose.

    How long do you guys want the replies to be? I try to stay on topic, and deliver 2 lines or more. If it's something I'm really interested in, then I write more.

    Forum owners should allow us to have multiple accounts on their forum so that we don't dominate the forum with our posts. Multiple accounts would also make our posts look more natural. We would be able to build multiple page threads with multiple user names. Perhaps owners could suggest some topics they would like discussed, and we'll just add the content. I see this as the only way to truly ensure that everyone wins.
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  10. marksm

    marksm New Member

    I certainly would appreciate more feedback from forum owners. Most of the ratings I get do not list what forums they are for, and some even give good feedback but since I do not know who left it, it is not of much actual use.

    I do try to balance the idea that I know forum owners want to get what they pay for, but it is unnatural for a forum to only have long paragraph posts. There are posts that are often shorter. Obviously I am not making any five word posts, but sometimes I might only post two lines to mix it up a bit.
  11. Rey Palma

    Rey Palma New Member

    That kid do spamming, he just want to make his posts for just counting purposes. :p
  12. Ansem

    Ansem Forum & Blog Owners

    I just post as I would on any forum and see what it gets me...
    The only thing I hate is when I receive a rating without comment ( much more if it's a low rating when I make bloody good posts that would get me 4.5+ rating anywhere else ).
  13. bestdealsonline

    bestdealsonline New Member

    My account has been rejected because of poor grammar and short posts. Is there any ways to to get my account on the right track again? I don't quite understand the system yet but I really need more valid users to my forum.
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  14. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    When a decision was made for your initial posts, you were told whether or not you may reapply again. If yes, make 10 more posts to be submitted for review again. If not, you will not be able to apply again. We don't let people apply again who clearly do not have what we are looking for or put so little effort into their posts that we know they are not serious about Postloop.

    If you cannot apply for posting again, there will be an "Account Closed" message across the top of your account pages.
  15. bestdealsonline

    bestdealsonline New Member

    Hey Ryan. The latest message that I've received says my account has been closed. It seem like I can't make a post on PostLoop anymore isn't it? This is not good. Is there any chance to get me on the right track again? One more thing, is it wrong to put a signature on my PostLoop profile?
  16. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    Please do not post about this again in this thread, as it is off topic.
  17. carol stanley

    carol stanley New Member

    I have set a goal of 10 posts a day for starting out. I want to keep my posts fresh and to the point. Do we get rated on length, or just appropriate content. Of course, good grammar is a necessity. I am happy to learn new things, and hopefully I can share some valuable information with others.
  18. zeidrich

    zeidrich New Member

    thanks.... :D . Ill do my best to do those things
  19. SpikeTheLobster

    SpikeTheLobster New Member

    I don't have a forum listed on Postloop (yet) but I know for an absolute FACT that I will hate number 4 as soon as I do. The number of same-question posts I've seen just on the boards I'm posting on is frightening. (Do these people really think forum owners don't read other forums?)

    I also have another pet hate: posting stupid "What is your..." posts on EVERY forum (and presumably expecting good ratings). Honestly, I go to somewhere which is supposed to be a serious forum on, say, SEO and there's no posts except the usual crap like "What's your pet called?", "What colour do you like?", "What are you doing right now?". It amazes me that the forum owner doesn't instantly change their entry to "Posts in 'general discussion' won't get any points" r at least "Posting stupid spammy crap like that will not earn points". ;)

    I also see (occasionally) people who post the same thing on a variety of different forums (on similar subjects). Copy/paste posts just for the points - now, while I admit that it's nice to share the same info, they could at least make an attempt at re-typing a little bit of it. You know, to show they actually consider the forum to be worthwhile, rather than just a way of funding their Paypal account.

    And that's just from a poster. I'm sure I'll have some pet hates to advise against once I'm set up as an owner!
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  20. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    For what it's worth, doing this at Postloop can get you banned, fast.

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