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Discussion in 'General Postloop Discussion' started by Guardian, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. SpikeTheLobster

    SpikeTheLobster New Member

    That's good to know. Now I just have a moral dilemma of reporting a fellow poster or not! :eek:
  2. Ansem

    Ansem Forum & Blog Owners

    Reason why I have post-count disabled on offtopic and remove/move posts when they are out of the discussion.
    Secondary I do check posters for ALL their posts, grammar wise and just plain quality of post -> discussion -> forum category, I think this way you get rid of most of the people who dont put it effort, yet be fair overall for people who do deserve the points.

    @Ryan, I did that thing on two gaming forums once, because I was looking for a set of people to play certain games with, however one the second one I added some extra criteria and information that came up in the first discussion.
    Hope that is somewhat legit ?
  3. maryjane

    maryjane New Member

    Oh,this is great post i hope this is to help and any one will read it.
  4. enhu

    enhu Forum & Blog Owners

    if you posts good quality contents, do it consistently. I notice some users just quit posting quality contents, regularly come back after a good rating has received but now justs posts "hi welcome to the forum." and walk away once again.
  5. Pete

    Pete Staff

    You can always give them another rating if they're doing stuff like that. And, revoke them.
  6. enhu

    enhu Forum & Blog Owners

    I'm not sure if revoking is a good idea since I should give them the chance to recover after changing the rating. However, it must be great to avoid it. I'm a poster myself, I posts things that i hopefully think could be useful for the discussion. And I feel like i haven't contributed well if I posted things like "anyone seen family guy season 11 episode 10? its funny right?".

    its something really not worth discussing if this is just the text in the first post.
  7. SpikeTheLobster

    SpikeTheLobster New Member

    Like all earning mechanisms, there are those who take it seriously and do the best they can... and there are those who try to game the system and make money for crap effort. Down-rating and revoking are very useful tools for weeding out the people who aren't pulling their weight and just want to empty your points-bank. :mad:
  8. enhu

    enhu Forum & Blog Owners

    where can i find the page to revoke these users?
  9. SpikeTheLobster

    SpikeTheLobster New Member

    Dashboard -> Sites -> Click the people button and all the controls are there.
  10. Ansem

    Ansem Forum & Blog Owners

    Just found a forum which is really into my field of interests.
    Finally I can talk about history and language at one place so quite happy.
    Also, the replies I got weren't general or offtopic but true answers to my question.
    The owner even gave me the bonus ( says 10% in notifications but 0.1 over symbol ).
  11. Jim Su

    Jim Su New Member

    Excellent post Guardian I know the thread may be old but reviewing it, it actually helps me so I know what to watch out for when I start up my own forum. Also since I will need "points" to exchange it for people to come on my forum and post I myself will know as a writer what the forum owners want & don't want.
  12. toxicz0mg

    toxicz0mg New Member

    I agree with all of the tips you gave. I mean first of all saying that you get paid to post its the worst thing for you and the forum owner to do. I mean you will get the forum in a bad light and you will get a bad rating. I have seen some forums that allow to say that you are from postloop but still its not recommended to do so. Also if you just copy past your topics it would look really unprofessional if some of the owners find out. Those aren't unique threads anymore and won't benefit the forum. Do not post for points only think about the forum owners also because they are giving you points and have the right to get some quality out of your posts :)
  13. SniperElit

    SniperElit New Member

    Do not tell your being payed...
    Feeling like a spy!
    Thanks, I hope these advices will make my carrier in the success stories topic!
  14. toetapping

    toetapping New Member

    Agree about saying on your forum you are here because you exchange posts. They do e.g. 2 posts so I do 2. That happened to me just recently on my forum. I deleted their membership and all their posts.

    I find the problem with forums these days members seem to lose interest in them after a while and it is hard to keep coming up with new ideas. That is why we need outside help.

    Agree with everything Guardian has said.
  15. vrexill

    vrexill New Member

    Wow, Thanks for the tips :)
  16. trewqaz

    trewqaz New Member

    So, I'm new here and while I instinctively followed most of the guidelines posted here, there is one question I had about pacing.

    I've seen it said by several forum owners that they want posters to spread their posts out so that we look more natural. I usually do my posting once a day. I don't flood a board with 100 posts, just do the daily limit (never more than 7) or what I feel comfortable saying since I can't always come up with as many quality posts as the daily limit allows.

    This is a natural behavior for me because it's also how I act on other forums. If I weren't getting points for posting, I would still usually show up once a day, have my say and then move on to other things because I'm a pretty busy person. If this is frowned upon, I can learn to change my behavior posting but I wondered if maybe I weren't misunderstanding what's being said here.

    Feedback, please?
  17. PsuedoK

    PsuedoK Forum & Blog Owners

    I think it means do not post your limit in 5 mins than dip out. A good strat is to open all the forums you are subscribed to in tabs in your browser. Make one post in one, move to the next, post in the second one, move to the next, etc until you come back full circle, then rinse and repeat.

    Then your posts will look more natural.
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  18. Guardian

    Guardian Active Member

    I never thought of that. That's actually a pretty creative approach. ;)
  19. ACSAPA

    ACSAPA New Member

    I saw a Postlooper list her favorite video games. Then a couple of posts later, she posted "Oops, I forgot one." You know damn well she could have gone back and edited her original post to add another game, but she created an additional post to get more points. People are so sneaky and unethical sometimes.
  20. Pete

    Pete Staff

    When you see stuff like that, please use the report post function on the forum. Sometimes things get by us forum owners and we really appreciate the reported posts, even if we don't take action on all of them it is a big help.

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