Are you a forum addict?

Discussion in 'General Forum Discussion' started by RJH, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. RJH

    RJH Forum & Blog Owners

    Are you a forum addict, by this I mean are you a member on a lot of forums and post daily? if so how many forums are you an active member on and how many posts do you have altogether.

    Further more are you a forumer who likes to have a big post count or is it something that you never look at. Also why do you like forums and what got you into forums in a first place?

    I look forward to some very interesting replies
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  2. Femi Prokop

    Femi Prokop New Member

    Well, not exactly a forum "addict" but most forum owners may eventually become one. ;)
  3. FireNeko

    FireNeko Member

    Forum addit here, well not lately as i got a lot of stuff going on. I'm on around 30 forums excluding postloop ones where i post daily. My average postcount is around 700 never really look though. I love them because i like talking too much
  4. Chance Peters

    Chance Peters Forum & Blog Owners

    Simply said, yes. I love forums, strangely enough. There's strange feeling of euphoria I get when I'm running my own forum.
  5. Femi Prokop

    Femi Prokop New Member

    well, maybe y'all can help me grow my forum then? lol :D
  6. fluffybunny

    fluffybunny Forum & Blog Owners

    I feel I am addicted to forums.... a bit too much.
  7. zeidrich

    zeidrich New Member

    i do go to my favorite forums to check on updates...... specially music sites like atrl and gossips like ONTD.
  8. maryjane

    maryjane New Member

    Yes i am on the some forums i love to be in forum because i can share a lot of my interest ,it gives interest and also earning money.
    Many people join in the forum because they wanted to share about anything.And even me, i share any love topics,like experiences,love,work,money,relationship,and others topics that i love to share.It is good site and also it helps people to be in forum site
  9. blueraykhazana

    blueraykhazana New Member

    Yes, I am the member all some forums about 100.
  10. Shawn

    Shawn Forum & Blog Owners

    I would say that I am :)

    On my admin forum, I am well known to post 200 or more topics a day at times :D I also try to be active on a lot of other admin and webmaster related forums too :) I primarily use SMF software so I am fairly active on the support community too.

    I love forums :)
  11. Jim Su

    Jim Su New Member

    I am "technically" a forum addict because if I see a website which has potential or innovating ideas where I might not see at other websites, I tend to visit it often, but if there is less progression I removed myself from such websites and rotate onto a new selection. I am not too big on post counts unless the forum is popular, widely known, and if the posts counts are "=" to reputation I may try to increase it as much as possible.
  12. tin tin

    tin tin New Member

    hi there,what are the usual topics guys?maybe I can join in and have some views.
  13. dojo

    dojo Forum & Blog Owners

    Oh yes. Joined my first forum 10 years ago, that's when I opened my first one too. Love forums, love posting in them. You can say I'm an addict :D
  14. tin tin

    tin tin New Member

    love forum very interesting for people like me as well.But the topic That I usually like is about some paranormal thing isnt that weird?
  15. zeroentity

    zeroentity New Member

    You can say I'm a forum addict somehow but that's only because I'm eager to learn everything that's out there,from moneymaking methods to hacking techniques.
    I am active in like 5-8 forums and I'm posting daily there.I cannot give you a certain number though.
  16. Pastorcici Alex

    Pastorcici Alex New Member

  17. londonPete

    londonPete New Member

    I would defiantly say I have an addiction to forums although using the term addiction gives it negative connotations. I love posting and reading but I don't think it has an effect on anything else I do. Although I do quite often think "ok I'm done for tonight!" put down my laptop, only to have it back on my lap browsing 5 minutes later!
  18. dslegends

    dslegends New Member

    well i am users on about 6 different forums but they are all different style of forums :)
  19. Jessi

    Jessi Member

    Uh, yeah, no doubt. I've been on forums for many years and I won't be leaving them any time soon. Beyond the postloop ones, I have at least another 40 that I check and post in regularly (not necessarily every day, but every week for sure).
  20. toxicz0mg

    toxicz0mg New Member

    Not yet but I will be soon. My bro got me into this forum posting and its amazing so far I meet so many interesting people and seen some amazing forums/blogs :)

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