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Discussion in 'General Forum Discussion' started by MyOCDisMild, Mar 18, 2012.

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    I get an email every other day telling me a site I was subscribed to was disabled for one reason or another, and it's happened so often that I just take it in stride and write in other forums, no biggie. Well, today, I scrolled down to take a peek at the disabled sites to see that the reason one of the sites was taken off was that it was banned.
    I wasn't sure if I was banned from the site, or if the site was banned from postloop. At any rate, I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this, if I had done something wrong, or if it was through no fault of my own......just wondering.
  2. Pete

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    Yes, there was a prominent site banned from Postloop recently, that could be what you're seeing. See this thread, if that is the one your'e talking about then there's your answer.
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