Can't subscribe to the The Postloop Portal

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jonpaglinawan, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. jonpaglinawan

    jonpaglinawan New Member


    I signed up at, then signed up to I then found out that I needed to subscribe, so I clicked on "subscribe", it asked for my username and email address, I put both of those in and then a message came up that it could not find my username or email address in the system. I need help so that I can post the 10 required messages.

  2. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    What is the username and email address that you are using to subscribe?
  3. Mercy

    Mercy New Member


    Sorry for jacking this thread, since the OP didnt respond I thought I`ll make use of it, I recently registered & I have the exact same problem,
    User: Mercy

    Please assist, thank you !
  4. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    That username doesn't exist at The Postloop Portal.

    You skipped Step 1 of the instructions.
  5. shivaprasad

    shivaprasad New Member

    Where is the subscribe button you guys are talking about?

    I signed up to and and then checked my subscription and there is no subscribe button or any thing

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  6. pftsusan

    pftsusan New Member

    Hi shivaprasad,

    Welcome aboard. Suscribing here is really tricky at first. You said that you signed up in the postloop portal. The first thing you got to do is take your 10 post test there. When you log into the portal, click on forum there. Reply to at least 10 of them or add a post. After all 10 are done, you will be given a rating by the staff in 24 hours and your post loop portal disabled because you passed. Then you log into your post loop account and click on forums there. There is where you will see the subscribe buttons and what the requiirements are. Then it's a two step process to subcribe. Based upon your rating if you qualify for the forums that you chose, you first have to subscribe to the forum first. Follow the instructions for email confirmation. Then you have to go back to your postloop account and click on forums again. then click on the white subscribe buttons to the forums who approved you and follow the instructions here to be subscribed to those forums here, so that you paid. Welcome aboard. If this is too much for you. please let me know. I hope this helps.

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