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Discussion in 'General Forum Discussion' started by Spangle, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. AmazingP

    AmazingP Member

    You just made me laugh...
  2. KennyC1139

    KennyC1139 New Member

    I have argued with myself for that same question too. Some sites offer rewards/payments for referals, and it is very tempting to make fake accounts to earn that benefit. Although the reward might be nice, I told myself not because even though I get the benefit, I probably won't be able to actrually obtain it, because the owner would probably find out quickly and bann me. lol So its not worth it to make fake accounts.
  3. pomp

    pomp Forum & Blog Owners

    I do that with my forum. When I am active on it, I have 6 accounts logged in using 6 different browsers. I try to talk to my self a little bit to make my forum look a little bit more active. I have found it does help as well, people look at the forum see there is an active amount of users posting and join up and join in with the conversations I am having with my self.

    So yes it does help and I do suggest doing it!
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  4. speedy

    speedy New Member

    Never tried to make any fake account by any means. That's funny that you were arguing with yourself. hehe :)
  5. radascars

    radascars Member

    When you're running a newly opened forum, admins tried to make troll accounts and start a simple discussion to make the board running.

    But when I read your post, I really laughed. :) I tend to do it but my accounts got approved so I wasn't able to make one. lol
  6. Sacto

    Sacto Forum & Blog Owners

    Well said, if you're the forum owner that's fine, but otherwise it's cheating and there are ways admins can detect it. I've looked for that sort of thing myself at times. It's not worth getting your account and your IP banned permanently.
  7. iislight

    iislight New Member

    I think that would be rediculous. If people don't like your forum enough to post.
  8. maryjane

    maryjane New Member

    Well we know that,and try to make the accounts so we can increase the earning.I maybe tried but i did not continue and did not get any amount.I want to be honest for my work online so i will not be suspended.Thanks for sharing great help..
  9. Dy.namik

    Dy.namik Member

    I never really made a fake account before just for the purpose of getting more points. It's pointless to be honest and you could easily make the points off of one account.
  10. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    :eek:What No way! I just dont like risking losing my accounts its not worth it, besides I dont like being dishonest, and worrying about getting caught, no thanks I have enough to stress to worry about offline I'd rather not worry about getting banned from my favorite forums.:)
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  11. Joe Taylor

    Joe Taylor New Member

    i only have a test one thats to help be build new features
  12. omghaha9798

    omghaha9798 New Member

    Wow, I've never even thought about doing that, I would never put my accounts at risk, it's just not worth it. I don't think you should either.
  13. Jonathan Smith

    Jonathan Smith New Member

    I think it is ok to do but I also think that I would not do it. I like to get the attraction so I post some articles, threads starting debate etc. I get my own forum going and hope people come back to reply.

    I hire posters but they usually stay a member. Which is cool.
  14. superbluf

    superbluf New Member

    I guess that it would be oke if you just started your own forum and would use more accounds to get some conversations started but ones you got some respons from others i would stop using multiple accounds and just start being verry active on one of them..!!
  15. sajjad

    sajjad New Member

    i am new here , did not knew guys are even tempted to make fake accounts . is it that interesting here. well tbh i will be deciding on making or not making fake accounts after i spend some time here . just kidding .. lol .

    where is the time to maintain 2 accounts when i hardly can maintain this one account.
  16. RJH

    RJH Forum & Blog Owners

    You will be amazed at how many popular forums have in the past used fake accounts. It is a way of getting your forum off the ground and for some it works. You just have to not over use the account and be smart as I have caught a few people out before.
  17. ashimashi

    ashimashi New Member

    I have never done it myself because I actually never had the time to do it. If I ever find time I might do a couple. I asked a couple of my staff to do it if they like. :)
  18. marksm

    marksm New Member

    Back in the old days when I did forum posting it was not uncommon for me to make multiple accounts and identities and talk to myself on forums. I even had little charts with personalities and everything.
  19. Juice

    Juice New Member

    I've never used a fake account on my forum, although I see a few posts suggesting doing so when your forum is new to help out and make your forum look a bit more popular, although I'd prefer just to get one of my friends to join up on my forum and do a few posts or do some post exchanges and use postloop. :)
  20. Thankappan

    Thankappan New Member

    Never. I found one account is sufficnet enough. If we got a genuine and proper single account, it is better to maintain the same with clarity. Even if we have more than one account we cannot participate more than one account at a time. As this is being a fact, better to justice to ourself and do a better job with the right way.

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