Feedback Needed: Custom Tasks for Points

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Ryan, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    Discussion about ratings is completely off topic in this thread. I've removed posts discussing ratings.
  2. SniperElit

    SniperElit New Member

    These things sound great don't give up! Even if it looks like undevelopable keep in mind it's harder to get a good idea than making it on your site.
  3. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil Member

    Also, most professional freelancers don't need to be as concerned with grammar, content and length as PL does, since the first is already part of their skill-set and the latter are dictated by the client.
  4. Gamrpro

    Gamrpro Forum & Blog Owners

    YES! YES! YES! I would love this. You know to be honest I came up with this idea in my brain last night lol. I was thinking for a service like a user can exchange 300 postloop points for 100 points on their forum. The person who's buying chooses the price and amount of posts they want on their forum. Other users go and see if they like the offer and take it... This means that forum softwares that Postloop is currently not supporting can still gain their activity from Postloop. This also means that Ryan for you not every point being made will be cashed out which saves you a lot of money! :D
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    We may implement this feature, but that specific "job/task" that you just listed will definitely not be offered.
  6. Gamrpro

    Gamrpro Forum & Blog Owners

    :( Okay... It's alright. I'll live with whatever gets added.
  7. Grumpy

    Grumpy Forum & Blog Owners

    Any updates as to how/when this may be implemented?
  8. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

  9. Looper

    Looper Member

    What my forum needs:
    - Posts
    - Members
    - Backlinks <-- too dangerous to touch with any paid service, thanks Google
    - Social mentions <-- actually encouraged by Google :thumbsdown:

    So yes, I'd love to see a paid social promotion option. I'd like it to be ultra simple however so instead of creating a store setting to sell tweets and likes why not simply treat it like a post? Forums could allow 5 posts, 1 tweet and 1 facebook like per day for example, each paying the same. Verification would be fairly straight forward since postloop members could be encouraged to add a twitter or facebook profile to their postloop accounts. Completion can be checked via feed checks etc. Facebook and Twitter bonuses could even be assigned by the size of the following etc.

    I think it would actually be a good thing to have more members submit their social profile info, you might come up with other ideas for them in the future. I'm surprised more forums don't offer Twitter or Facebook options with their threads.

    note: If a store setting is chosen I'd also love the option to list specific pages and would be willing to pay 20-25 points for a tweet from a *real* profile with 100+ friends. People are tweeting cool content anyway, it should probably be integrated one way or the other, it's part of the *loop* :)

    Why not first start by adding an option to send other members points and then opening a specific forum for requests and see what gets popular? A trial run so to speak. Also, it might be a good idea to take 5-10% of any transaction for the house, the points need to drain out of the system afterall and you're providing a valuable service.
  10. Looper

    Looper Member

    I am enjoying writing posts for forums and comments for blogs but I would also be willing to write entire articles for blogs as well. One possible setup - let postloop members write articles and submit them to postloop? Buyers could then browse the articles for sale directory, where they would only see the title and a single paragraph example, and if they want to buy the article in full they need to pony up the points (preferably 10-15 pts per article).

    On postloop you could set up a form in which a member provides the title, snippet and entire article for submission and no points exchange hands until a buyer buys the article.

    Difficulties would include
    - checking for duplicate content and spelling errors.

    Benefits would include
    - a huge market for blog content bringing in new buyers.

    Has this been considered?
  11. Lord Roco

    Lord Roco Member


    I am very much not having a very good feeling with this :D Because, I judge postlopp on three major factors
    1.A low payout and it is usally instant
    2.An infraction cum rating system which allows admins to judge the quality of your posts and hence giving us the best possible results - ie, to say, a completely moderated process on which Postloop is fully accountable
    3.Tracking :D Its automatic and doesnot have pesky little follow ups or unwarranted deadlines to meet

    Having custom works means there should be someone who should be accountable. The Postloop staff cannot go through each and every individual submission and ensure quality. The fundamental ideal on which postloop is built - quality. How can anyone assure the quality of the works that is delivered? Say, if I want an article on "Alpha and beta rays", then there could be more than two people working on it at the same time, and does that mean I have to pay them both? Also, if by some means, we restrict the number of users to one, how can anyone be assured of the top notch quality they are seeking?

    Quality - unless measures are taken, there will be a horrible backdrop of quality in postloop services. having someone to work as mod for you in exchange of postloop credits (in itself not a good idea) - but the odds are people could do anything on a forum with mod access. Should postloop be blamed? I suggest we restrict ourselves to services of which postloop staff can review the content and the quality.

    These are my thought :D
  12. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    Nothing is set in stone, and quality is probably the #1 issue discussed in this thread, Roco
  13. marksm

    marksm New Member

    I have been away for a while Ryan, but am back again. I have done a lot of article writing in the past, and I would love for Postloop to set up a way for article writing. Personally I would love to see you start there and see how it goes. Article writing would actually fit pretty well into the post loop model.

    The quality issue is a concern obviously. With my own article writing I have always provided a 100% money back guarantee. If the customer was not satisfied they did not pay. (They did not get to use the article either, obviously and no I never had anyone take me up on it.)

    So like other requirements perhaps you have an introductory tier of articles that is much less expensive and then these can be judged and as someone has built up a score and body of work, people move up. Otherwise people could perhaps have sample articles they have available so prospective offers could review them and choose whom they want to do a job after accepting applications from various writers on the given topic.

    Off topic for this thread, but someone mentioned getting 4s and such above. I noticed now that forums can have a ratings limit and I noticed a couple with 4.9 or higher required. That seems extremely high to me.
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  14. Looper

    Looper Member

    Other article selling places handle this by showing an article sample snippet and title in a directory of articles for sale. If you want to buy a particular article you need to pay for it to get it. Writers could submit articles to postloop, postloop could display the titles and example snippets and points could be exchanged when someone buys.

    I don't think money back guarantees would work here, once the article is revealed to the buyer it's pretty much worthless to other buyers. Abuse could always be monitored and abusers banned however.... and ratings given.

    As for 4.9 requirements, I don't think all forum owners want posts. Some have other reasons for being on the list. I was a member of a 4.8 forum who's owner had a 4.9 forum added to the list. I contacted the owner through the system to ask about the possibility of relaxing the 4.9 to 4.8 so that I could contribute there too. The owner didn't respond but did revoke me from the 4.8 forum and raised that one to 4.9 as well, despite having given me a great rating. /shrug
  15. GGovan

    GGovan New Member

    Being a member for not so long, yet having an amazing experience here on Postloop I might add some words.
    I think that implementing these "jobs" would not diffuse the Postloop brand, since the normal forum/blog posting section won't be affected by these new services.
    So regarding articles and other writing jobs, I think that they should have a different approach than the usual forum posting.
    Each website owner should set his strict rules regarding the article or job in question, each postloop member would have to agree on all those terms like when he registers himself on a forum.
    The difference here is that each article or job would go to the owner, if it corresponds to all requirements made by the owner, he shall rate the user, therefore giving him his points.
    And in addition to this, there should be a rating for each type of job.
    For example:
    - Rating 0-5 in article writing
    - Rating 0-5 in GFX creation
    - etc.
    There should be a evaluation forum like for the regular forum/blogs section, to give the writer a initial rating.
    Each user would have that rating obviously increased by each good job that he made, this rating should be separate from forum posting, since we want to keep those two platforms apart.
    And now this is the only thing that is bugging me, if we have these ratings, the website owner should be able to pick one of us. And obviously he will pick the one with the highest rating right? That would be a bit unfair towards the other users.
    The only solution I see to this is having a strict time limit for the article to be written, since one person cannot write them all at the same time.

    I would like to hear what you think about this too, because I think that this last system I mentioned would favor the writers that already have a good reputation, and maybe make the other users without rating yet to miss their chance of writing.. But the fact is that if he is the one with the best rating, it's because he does his job well right?

    Excuse me the long post ^^
    All feedback would be appreciated.
  16. BlackCobra

    BlackCobra Member

    I honestly like the one about getting points for replying to every introductory thread daily, there are two forums which I'm apart of on here that once I've hit my daily limit, I just go around the introductory zone and welcome everyone to the board.
  17. Pete

    Pete Staff Staff Member

    Almost a year later..... with another year of experience under my belt I can clearly say that the one thing I'd like to see most on this list is facilitating Postloopers to act as moderators. I also like the ideas of encouraging Postloopers to post new topics (yes, I'd be willing to pay more points for that), and consistently replying to introduction threads (as long as it only applies to new introduction threads and would be more than just a simple "welcome" type post).
  18. huiz41

    huiz41 Forum & Blog Owners

    Any thoughts on the functionality of adding a system for Facebook comments (I have comments enable on all of my product pages at and would like to get conversations going), Ryan?
  19. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    That's not being considered. There are a lot of websites out there which already offer "social networking likes/comments/tweets". It's something that's heavily saturated and oftentimes is overrun by bots instead of human beings. It's also a very questionable activity that can violate the Terms of Use of the social networks its targeted to. That's not a place I want to be ;)
  20. huiz41

    huiz41 Forum & Blog Owners

    I hear you. Any thought about general commenting for any ajax based system? For instance, if I replaced the Facebook comments under products with just an ajax-based commenting system, it would not be WP or vBulletin...however, any way you've thought about that?

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