Feeling too much better on this forum.

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Success Stories' started by Hariprasad Maury, May 27, 2011.

  1. Hariprasad Maury

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    I am feeling so happy on this forum site because of some reasons. I had totally concentrated on the site since last night and I have found that this is the most better site than all other forums on the Internet. I have successfully pushed at least 15, most on the portal of this site.and do you know what did happen to me at the next moment? I had Received a congratulation messages from the website. I'm so happy after receiving this message in my alert box. I am going to include the picture of this message received from the website.
    This is the effort of only about two hours. I had also gained 12 points in my point amount.For the other newcomers to the site I suggest that this is so amazing site to learn and earn.

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  2. smile4u

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    To best honest, i am still trying to figure it out who it works here.
    I joined this forum last night and i was approved this morning.
    I assume it will take me some time to figure it out how it works and how i need to follow the rule to work here :)

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