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Discussion in 'Testimonials & Success Stories' started by dojo, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. dojo

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    I have started my forums on February 1st and really wanted some 'boost'. So I joined PL and started working towards my goal to 'spice' up the activity and try to develop the community a little faster.

    How did it work?

    Really really good. Wasn't too difficult to find members and, by keeping the activity going and creating new threads daily, I was able to provide my editors with an easy to do job. Had one member who posted junk and he was 'disabled' from my forum. all the others have posted amazing content and received 4.5-5 ratings (closer to 4.8 and 5 most of them).

    I am impressed with how Ryan is running the show and wouldn't expect anything less from him. I know his work ethics since we were on AF, so he's done nothing to ruin his great name.

    Have mentioned PostLoop in my free book and gave some more hints of how to make it work for your forums, have also started a thread here with some pointers. My intention was to use it for a while and then be able to sustain the activity without it.

    In 8 weeks PL seemed to have done its job. I had a percentage of the activity via PL and some 'natural' coming from members who joined the community from the start. At the beginning of this month I took the forum off the system to see if it can run now without 'support'.

    It runs nicely, so PL did the job. I am now 'forced' to get off it and handle the activity on my own. Really happy with everything here and will use the system for another forum that needs a boost. 100% recommended ;)
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  2. Ryan

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    Awesome review. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad to hear that Postloop has helped you out :)
  3. Ridwan sameer

    Ridwan sameer New Member

    Excellent Success Story Dojo.
    Im glad Postloop Helped your forums, I think the main thing is, When new users see active users, it makes them want to stay, Maybe thats why your activity stayed the same when you stopped using postloop.
    Congratulations and hope you go far.
    Let me know if you put another forum up on postloop, Ill be sure to join :)

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