Hi Ryan :) Posts not credited yesterday.

Discussion in 'Existing Users, Questions & Support' started by Article Chase, May 22, 2012.

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  1. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

    Hi Ryan :) Hope you are well.

    I did contact the forum owner at http://www.linuxforum.com (Rob) about a week ago when the issue first arose.

    In the News section of the forum I had posted several threads, they got credited but the credits disappeared. I posted again and the credits didn't appear.

    I asked Rob if there is an issue, he kindly replied saying that all posts get credited from every section on his forum.

    However yesterday the same thing happened - I posted several threads... I remember when I logged out of http://www.linuxforum.com I had 5 points and was able to enable my site. Within minutes my site was disabled at -1.76 points - the points had simply disappeared and my site had disabled itself - with no posts having been made at my forum Beyond News.

    The posts I made where:









    I'm guessing this is some kind of glitch over there and nothing untoward - I wonder if you could take a little peak at what might have happened :)

    Thanks Chief... Very much appreciated.

    Editing - Hi again... I have just posted a test post in the News - it didn't get credited again. However a post I made in a separate section did get credited. Just so you know.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Your post count at LinuxForum is 115. You have received credit for 115 posts at that forum at Postloop...
  3. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

    Yes i know that, but credits for posting in the Linux News Section are not crediting... watch I will go post now in that section. :) we will see what happens.
  4. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

  5. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Your post count at LinuxForum is still 115. If your post count does not increase, you do not receive any points at Postloop. Regardless of what Rob says, your post count is not increasing when you post...you'll either need to get him to resolve it, or stop posting there if he can't.
  6. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

    Did I not just prove to you that I posted which should have increased the count to 116? I understand the need to speak to the admin there... which I did do. Now either there is an issue with the script of postloop(dot)php of something is wrong at the forum. I will check with the admin there again, but there is no need for you to reply to my support question in that manner - no matter what pressure you are under - I am a paying client and a working client of yours, that attitude is terrible considering I asked for help as I cannot resolve the issue at the said forum.

    Given that Rob's forum is a client of yours is it not bad business sense to be telling me to stop posting there?

    I hope you would not say that to a writer if it was my forum the issue was with, rather that you would approach me to resolve the issue..

    It is not my job to discuss coding issues or problems with his forum, but as a user yes - my concern is with the forum and postloop.

    I'm not calling anybody out as a cheat or fiddling the system, and i am quite savvy when comes to technology and scripting.

    My concern and question is a genuine one. I hope you can see my point without taking offense. I know your answer on policing forums - this is not a case of keeping tabs on a forum, it a genuine concern there could be a coding conflict. What the coding of postloop.php is perfect is it?

    If your clients are having trouble with a related issue to postloop then it is your job to chat with the admin of the said forum not mine.
  7. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    I don't understand your frustration.

    Postloop is pretty simple. When your post count increases, you receive Postloop points. Your post count did not increase at LinuxForum with that last post that you made, you therefore did not receive any points. This has nothing to do with Postloop and is directly related to the forum you are posting at. Postloop tracking does work at that forum, so there is nothing for us to do.

    Your frustration should be with LinuxForum, not Postloop. Rob is telling you that post counts increase everywhere, when clearly they do not. We intentionally give site owners freedom to not increase post count in specific sections of their forums. We do not involve ourselves in these settings and leave it up to writers and site owners to handle this.
  8. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

    Sure Ryan - Then the point should be raised to him by both parties IMHO.

    I have sorted the issue out directly - I think I know the problem - the post increment has been switched off for that particular section - it would have been good to have been told this where the subscription rules apply at Postloop. I have notified the owner so I guess issue resolved - but I still make a valid point up there *points up*

    Have a good week :)
  9. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

    Remove my account in the forum Ryan.
  10. Article Chase

    Article Chase New Member

    Oh and remove my forum and delete my account completely from your service.
  11. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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