How do you deal with post quality drop over time?

Discussion in 'Existing Users, Questions & Support' started by PetsKeepersGuide, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. PetsKeepersGuide

    PetsKeepersGuide Forum & Blog Owners

    I have noticed that some postloop users start with quality posts upon joining, after they got a decent rating, their posts become shorter and shorter.

    They would start with a small paragraph or two to impress you. After a few days or a week, their posts are filled with 1~2 sentences which often don't even fill up the second line and that is included with "Thank you", "I agree" etc. words with very little to no real content.

    Some of them are clearly trying to write the maximum amount of posts you allow them to earn points each day...even if when they really can't come up with a good reply, they will reach the maximum points by posting something...

    I really dislike to see I worked harder than them to post something longer with more content, and only have my points to be taken away by their 1~2 sentences.

    What would you do to deal with these users?
    Do you PM them? Or remove them? Or let them be?
  2. Pete

    Pete Staff

    I would suggest removing the bad posts and contacting them privately.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Lower their rating as well. If it's so bad that you don't want to give them a second chance, revoke their subscription.
  4. PetsKeepersGuide

    PetsKeepersGuide Forum & Blog Owners

    How can I lower their rating after I already gave them one?

    I also found that when I give someone a low rating with a comment on how he/she could improve the quality of posts, that user would usually just quit instead of trying to improve. They'd rather joining a forum where their low quality posts can be tolerated than trying to make good quality posts to deserve the points they grab.
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

  6. adamarclight

    adamarclight New Member

    sir... i've made 1 off-topic post in
    and that's not on purpose... since i got various circumtances when i'm posting it....
    i've only made 3 posts at there... right after that, he gave me 1 rate and revoked me from his site.
    i know i'm the one that's wrong here since i make 1 off-topic post... and i've tried to speak with him by commenting my rate.... but he hasn't reply...
    but i've heard that i needed to make 5+ posts in order to be rated.... can you help me sir? Sorry again and thanks! For the note, i'm not a 1 or 2 liner poster.
  7. PsuedoK

    PsuedoK Forum & Blog Owners

    You have to have 5 posts for a forum owner to rate you, but if they revoke you they are asked to give a rating no matter your post count. Even if it is 0.
  8. adamarclight

    adamarclight New Member

    can they just revoke and give 1 rate even if i've only made 3 posts? I only made 1 off-topic post, not all of them! I think they should warn the poster first and give them second chance to correct themselves... I know i'm the wrong one over here.. but i think it's unfair for not giving them a second chance since we can't stay focus all the time. It's not like i made an off-topic post on purpose... and i've even gave him the correction of my off-topic post. But he hasn't replied me yet... I admit that i was spacing off(thinking about my thesis) while posting at that time.
  9. PsuedoK

    PsuedoK Forum & Blog Owners

    It is up to the forum owner. One thing Postloop does well is not getting involved in forum's cultures, personalities and rules. They do not dictate how people run their forums, so they will not step in and tell them who they should give second chances to and whatnot. They let the owners decide what quality content they want, as it should be. Unless an owner is abusing the system, than I do not think Ryan or the staff can help you.

    So your best bet is to move on.

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