How many referrals do you have?

Discussion in 'General Postloop Discussion' started by Sinocard, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Sinocard

    Sinocard Member

    I was just looking at my list and thought.... Holy JEEBUS, I have alot of referrals! I've taken part in other websites with referral programs, but I haven't had nearly as much success as I've had here.

    Currently I've got 72 referrals. I've earned under 10$ from them so far :p
  2. peanutz

    peanutz New Member

    wow nice! I made a post or two about postloop and got only one referral who is inactive D:
  3. Guardian

    Guardian Active Member

    72?!?! Oh my freaking jebus. That is ridiculous. I only have 3, and only one of those has earned me any points.


    Dang, good on you.
  4. Sinocard

    Sinocard Member

    It was the youtube video I made that did it :p

    Advertised it around a bit, and referrals started rolling in. I'm still getting 4-5 per day. Most of my referrals have earned me under 1 point, but it adds up. And it also adds up for Ryan I'm sure, since alot of points are just disappearing into oblivion thanks to my referrals lol.
  5. timestandstill

    timestandstill Forum & Blog Owners

    I've got articles on a couple of my blogs and that's gotten me three referrals and 9.96 points. Time to do some more promoting, I guess.
  6. Mikey

    Mikey Staff

    8 referrals, about 60+ points from them.
  7. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    Time for me to jump on the referrer band wagon. I need referrers to do some dirty work point wise, so i don't have to sign up to every forum to earn points, so I can get posts for my forum. :)
  8. Grumpy

    Grumpy Forum & Blog Owners

    I don't have any... yet. I don't plan for it to stay that way for long, though.
  9. Caiaphas

    Caiaphas New Member

    I think I have four, no points yet, but I'm shooting for 72!
  10. save27

    save27 Member

    I only have two referrals, but I have earned 156 points from them! Quality over quantity :D
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  11. MakeMoney

    MakeMoney New Member

    I don't have any referrals yet, but hopefully, I will have a lot soon. :)
  12. whiteattack

    whiteattack New Member

    I dont have any refferals , cause i just register here , but soon i will get a lot of refferals ;)
  13. The creator

    The creator New Member

    Nil but soon this mark is going to be very high :)
  14. DevilKid

    DevilKid Active Member

    I have 3 referrals... Earned 229.54 from one, and about 5 from the others..
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  15. Jeddi

    Jeddi New Member

    wow... i have no referral yet.. :(
  16. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    I now have 1 refferal, but the person has yet to subscribe to forums.
  17. taftarela

    taftarela New Member

    I referred a friend to PostLoop, he registered yesterday under my referral link, but claims he never got an activation e-mail. :(
  18. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    He would not have gotten an activation email, because we do not require email activation ;)
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  19. Bureda

    Bureda New Member

    This is going to be the new internet meme on postloop.

    <My referral is bigger than yours>

    Ironically... it does matter. =P
  20. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    I have 5 referrers, yet either none of them has been accepted, or they just hasn't started posting on forums. Either way, I haven't gained referrer points yet.

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