I'm afraid that I'm doing something wrong...

Discussion in 'New Users, Application & Approval' started by Mrs. Rogers, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Mrs. Rogers

    Mrs. Rogers New Member

    I signed up on Friday, and immediately started posting. Then, realized that I had forgotten to subscribe to the thread and needed to post again. I did that, and have since posted in over 30 threads. I haven't received the alert letting me know that I posted enough and was under review or that I had been approved. I just wondered if someone could check to be sure I did it right. :)

    Thanks guys,

    I signed up under the Portal as Mrs. Rogers
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    You've made 40 posts but did not subscribe until the 39th. You therefore only have credit for 1 post.
  3. Mrs. Rogers

    Mrs. Rogers New Member

    OK thanks. I had originally hit subscribe, and then when I went back again it was off so I hit it again. Strange. I'll keep trucking along and see what happens. :)

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