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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by fluffybunny, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. fluffybunny

    fluffybunny Forum & Blog Owners

    I think it would be good if you guys did support for the Joomla component. http://www.kunena.org/

    I will be bringing out a Joomla site and it would be nice to be able to use Postloop to generate some content.
  2. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    If there ever is enough demand for it, we will consider it.
  3. fluffybunny

    fluffybunny Forum & Blog Owners

    Ah alright. They said that you would need to do Joomla :confused:
  4. redbird

    redbird New Member

    Joomla is a widely used CMS and anyone using it and the community features are going to use Kunena as their forums, but even if they don't, all the top Joomla forum extensions could be integrated with Post Loop since they all run on the same platform, a great PHP coder could write a program to detect the proper (supported) forum extension and perform the proper functions. This could even be written as a joomla extension itself and added to the joomla extension directory. That could be a great (FREE) vehicle to getting tons of new Post Loop users. So the development of the extension would be a bonus, even if there isn't much demand for it here now.

    I for one am interested and I'm sure other joomla users would be too, if they where only given a chance.

    I came to Post Loop a few weeks ago, found out Kunena wasn't supported and turned away, I bet many others have too, since joomla powers millions of websites.
  5. wjack2010

    wjack2010 Member

    Yes support for that should be added :)
  6. redbird

    redbird New Member

    Yes. I have now learned, if I am correct that all the Postloop script does is return a post count for the Postloop users who use the site. It simply validates users and gets their post count. Is that right? This seems like the easiest implementation I can think of.

    I would hate to have to hack up phpbb and bridge it over to Joomla again, just to use Postloop. I already have a few sites that do that and am not fond of the hassles that comes with it. I have to carefully consider if it is really worth it.
  7. Grumpy

    Grumpy Forum & Blog Owners

    It seems in this topic alone there is many users who would like to see support for Joomla developed so I am sure it will be on Ryan's list somewhere for a small future update, don't worry guys.
  8. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    I don't consider 3 requests over 1.5 years to be a lot
  9. redbird

    redbird New Member

    That is requests from current users, who are for the most part NOT using joomla but considered it. How many people wasn't as stubborn as I in signing up here and requesting it? How many Joomla users have simply turned away when they see it wasn't supported, like I first did?

    It's like if I had a hamburger stand but didn't sell hotdogs, I never get any requests for them because nobody orders something that isn't on the menu, and they don't waste their time asking for it, but that doesn't mean that if I didn't start selling hotdogs they wouldn't start flying off the grill.

    In 2010 it was estimated that there where between 1.5 to 2 million websites running on joomla, probably more today. My point is that Joomla is a tremendously popular CMS and in my comparison above, it would be the difference in adding hotdogs to the menu rather than taking a chance on asparagus fries.

    So, as I noted above, for the most part Postloop users are not using Joomla because the site does not support it. Therefore I don't ever see there being much requests here for Joomla support. Adding Joomla would simply open up Postloop to a wider market.
  10. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    I understand fully how requests work. We get requests for other software as well, and they aren't all in the support forums. They are via our contact form. There is not enough demand for this to warrant our support.
  11. wjack2010

    wjack2010 Member

    Ryan maybe you can release a way for people to edit the script themselves, to suit there platform, then when adding a forum they click "Other" and continue to add there forum details...
  12. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    There are many technical and security-related reasons that we can't do that.
  13. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    I want to add this, not to draw attention to it, but more to document it for future reference.

    I stumbled across this earlier: http://www.kunena.org/forum/77-Gene...u-Use-Postloop-If-It-Was-Available-For-Kunena

    A thread discussing this in the official Kunena support forums asking who is interested in Postloop, and it received 0 responses after 1 week. I do not doubt that some people using Kunena would use Postloop, but as I have said, there is not currently enough demand for it. If anybody is able to gauge demand for software at Postloop, it would be me :thumbsup:
  14. Game Commune

    Game Commune New Member

    I, for one, would definitely be interested in Kuena support. In fact, without it, this service is useless to me. It's a shame, because I was very excited when I found it. Please do consider supporting Kuena. Once you had the code up and running, I really don't see how much further support you would need for it, except for maybe the occasional update. As redbird was saying, Joomla is one of the largest CMS platforms in the world, and Kuena its most popular forum. Not supporting it means excluding literally millions of users from the option of even TRYING your service, and is a poor business decision. You should be concentrating your efforts on expanding your market by making this service available for every forum platform possible.

    What you have to realize is this would benefit your current users greatly as well, because you would open up their forums to that many more posts. It's win-win for everyone.

    Anyway, that's just my 2 cents. Maybe I'll check back here and see if you include support in the future. Until then, your service is unfortunately useless to me.

    EDIT: It is also a known principle in business that for every person who complains, there are at least ten others that feel that way. On the internet, the ratio is more like 1:1000.
  15. Sshadow

    Sshadow New Member

    I would just like to throw my vote in here on this. I would be very interested in this. I have used Postloop in the past and was very disappointed when I realized I couldn't utilize it again for my new forum.

    Edit - Oh i guess I should also mention I have 2 forums actually I would like to use this on.
  16. savagegamers

    savagegamers New Member

    As redbird stated I have been monitoring this site for quite a while and failed to register simply because I didn't see any joomla support. Im sure everyone else here has also stated that it is a widely used CMS. I realize no one is stepping forward to put their too cents in but I know that there is a HUGE demand for it (the extensions that third party developers create for joomla alone is astonishing) In any case, I hope you will re-consider. Maybe it can be my Christmas gift? lol :)

  17. sbg101

    sbg101 New Member

    I have recently started using Joomla and would like to see this available for Kunena, as well.

    Any idea of what it would cost to have a Joomla dev make an extension for this?

    Would anyone else be willing to go in on that?

    As I am new to Joomla, I haven't (yet) established my own dossier of trusted developers. References welcomed and I'll start asking.

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