My Postloop story after 6 weeks

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Success Stories' started by omkar1991, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. omkar1991

    omkar1991 New Member

    Hey everybody, I joined Postloop around 6 weeks back, and I had already earned around 1400 points in the first four weeks itself! Postloop is certainly working for me, and I am sure I will stick to this wonderful project headed by a wonderful admin, Ryan! Respect to you sir! :)

    Here is my first payment proof, a whopping $70! I got it within 12 hours after requesting for it! Once again, three cheers for Postloop, and three more for Ryan! :D Postloop.png
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  2. omkar1991

    omkar1991 New Member

    Here is my second payment proof for $31.02! Payment was completed within 6 hours of requesting it!
    Love Postloop!

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  3. GAF

    GAF New Member

    Nice images :) Always nice to know it is working for people.
  4. omkar1991

    omkar1991 New Member

    My third payment from Postloop, processed within just 15 minutes since it was requested today! It was for $20.16! :)
  5. sardonicone

    sardonicone New Member

    Awesome! You seem to be doing so well, I'm hoping to make strides like you are.

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