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Discussion in 'Testimonials & Success Stories' started by Gallitin, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    Just wanted to put a little something in here about my forum's progress. I just reached over 1,000 posts received. Looks to be working so far. Having the postloop users in addition to my regular memebers makes it seem like a bigger community and is drawing in more organic users. For the most part great posters, those that are not don't last long. A couple tips I have learned along the way are:

    1. Only drop down your quality of posters when you are available to monitor for spammers.
    2. Wait longer than a couple posts to rate the poster

    Before I started Postloop I had 1500 some members and 10,200 posts or so. Since then I have over 1700 members and over 12,200 posts. Of these I received 56 members and 1037 posts from Postloop. That leaves 150 members and 1000 posts from organic traffic. So you can see that due to the activity from Postloop it helped other people convert into members/posters. Thanks Postloop. I'll post my results again after I reach 5000 posts received from Postloop.
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  2. DevilKid

    DevilKid Active Member

    Its a great sight to see Postloop help such good forums... Good luck!
  3. Sinocard

    Sinocard Member

    Awesome! Glad to see postloop is working out for you :)

    Now if only we could get more points in the system so I get paid more... Heh.
  4. peanutz

    peanutz New Member

    Great to see your forum is growing. Even though I am getting paid to post I still enjoy your forum.

    I wish more people would write stuff like this. :D
  5. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    Yes, have almost received 2k posts now and counting. Also released another forum on here as well that is quite a bit smaller. Will have to post the results on it after some time.

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