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Discussion in 'General Postloop Discussion' started by Dani72, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Dani72

    Dani72 Member

    I'm trying to post in a natural way. To me that means a mixture of starting threads, answering questions and responding to people who have answered questions I've asked.

    I know some forum owners have asked that we start more threads, than post in existing ones, but I feel it is rude not to repond to posters who post on a thread I've started, so I try to do both. (This gets a little difficult when the daily limit is only five posts though.)

    This means that the more threads I start, the more responses I need to give in order to remain polite. I hope that makes sense.

    I'm finding though that when I respond back to someone, the post is often short because there's just not a great deal that can be said at that time.

    I've noticed that my average points per post has gone down and I'm wondering if this could be the reason?

    Also in some forums, I'm just learning about the subject, so I'm asking more questions than sharing knowledge. Could that be a reason?

    I would really like to increase my rating so I can get access to some of the locked forums but I'm guessing that if my points per post are going down, then my rating isn't likely to increase. Would that be right?
  2. Numenorean7

    Numenorean7 New Member

    What you say makes me think of the following: It may sometimes be better not to respond back to some posts, as they will appear to the site's owner as some sort of cheap comments. It may not have much to do with posting naturally, but it may help you out on the long run, regarding postloop points.

    Seriously, posting naturally may not be as easy as it appears. Most of the time, it's not easy to forget that you are actually posting on a forum in order to gain point. You must try to forget that you are posting somewhere for your personal benefit. I don't have too much trouble doing so, as long a I'm able to care about the site's topics. That's why I mostly just register to computers and video games forums.

    I try to post long replies such as this one, and you original post. That way, you show an opinion, share ideas and give out information. You post make sense and carries a message. It's worth a bunch of points. :)
  3. Sarah C.

    Sarah C. Member

    From my understanding, the points are based on ratings we receive from forum owners. These ratings are averaged, and we receive the base amount of points, plus a bonus based on our rating. Is this correct?
  4. argon_0

    argon_0 Member

    Hang in there Dani72. I thought all was lost when I first started up some weeks back. I suggest not to respond back to so many posts as some Forum sites will not show Alerts unlike postloop support :) and the people you are responding to wont get to see your concern.
    As Numenorean7 says, some Forums do not require that caring response.
    I just enjoy being a part of Forums and earning points toward an income is secondary.
    Increasing your rating to access a site you would prefer to be on should come in time. I did discover though that some Forums you may never be a part of as a postlooper because they have set their target at 5. I suggest just post to them never-the-less and enjoy doing it without having the reward.
    One advantage of this is, you are no longer under any pressure. :whistle:
  5. Pete

    Pete Staff

    Your ratings are just one of the factors that determines how many points you get per post. The ratings only will have an effect on you if your ratings are high enough. Lower ratings don't mean less points, just higher ratings get you more points.

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