Rejected - In my opinion, very unfair!

Discussion in 'New Users, Application & Approval' started by Tupac, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Tupac

    Tupac New Member

    "Your posts are of a good length, and your grammar is decent. Your posts, however, feel very unnatural and forced, as if you are posting just for the sake of posting. We need posters with excellent English grammar who can engage in natural discussion with other posters. Your account has been closed, as you unfortunately do not have what we are looking for. You will not be able to apply for reviewal again, and you may NOT create another Postloop account."

    Personally, I think this is very unfair. I purposly posted in Topics which I had an interest in and knew in confidence that I would understand the discussions that were taking place. I really do hope that you will actually consider accepting me. This really has made me upset, I was confident that I would be accepted, but didn't expect "Forced posts" would be any reason to be rejected. Take this into consideration, everyone "forces" themself to post, otherwise you wouldn't be posting. I think this rejection is harsh and uncalled for.

  2. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    The decision is final and cannot be reversed.
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