Shouldn't Forum Owners Tell Us Which Categories Don't Earn Points?

Discussion in 'Existing Users, Questions & Support' started by ohiotom76, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. ohiotom76

    ohiotom76 New Member

    I thought I read somewhere on here that the forum owners buying traffic on Postloop can control which categories on their forums do and don't earn points for Postloop posters. If that's the case, shouldn't they be required to point this out up front? It's only fair to the posters, and it benefits the forum owners too since we're focusing on the categories they want more activity in.
  2. Pete

    Pete Staff

    There is no place in Postloop to give that information. Plus, for the most part it is common sense, if you're posting in off-topic sections you shouldn't expect to get points. You might get points, and you should appreciate the ones that do give points for off-topic posts, but you shouldn't expect it. You can always ask the forum owner too, Postloop has a messaging system, as does most of the forums that are part of Postloop. And, finally, you should read the information the forum owner gives in Postloop. I've found that most Postloop posters don't pay any attention at all to what instructions I put for them, and that is kind of discouraging.
  3. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    We can't add this visibility at Postloop because it would rely on the owner of each site specifying which sections do and do not count. I know enough to know that it would never be maintained properly and would be horribly innaccurate more often than not.
  4. ohiotom76

    ohiotom76 New Member

    I was going to suggest that maybe some comments in the instructions would be helpful - at least for the people who do read the instructions.
  5. ohiotom76

    ohiotom76 New Member

    I mean I understand it's frustrating if some users aren't even following the initial instructions - but the flip side of that is there are some people that do, including myself. If someone's running a really general forum that covers a broader range of topics and they're only trying to increase traffic in a specific section, it would help to specify that in their posting rules.

    I don't want to single any sites out on here, but when it's happened it was not obvious. I wasn't posting in the "Introduce Yourself" category or something like that.
  6. Pete

    Pete Staff

    It isn't just that "some users" don't read our instructions it is that almost all of them don't. I think there is enough flexibility in Postloop for us to protect ourself from the abusers and at the same time to encourage those few who are really great. Also, there just aren't that many general topic forums in Postloop, most of them are niche and the owners want people to create content that reflects that niche. If you're really into a topic on one of the Postloop forums, perhaps you should try opening up a dialogue with the owner and talk to him/her about your needs. I personally have bent over backward in the past for people who have done a great job on my forums. I've also spent countless hours cleaning up the mess that bad posters have made too. For the most part, though, a forum owner should welcome someone who's genuinely trying to help them and offering your feedback should be welcome (but don't let it bother you if they ignore you too, just move on).

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