The Admin Zone is Ridiculous.

Discussion in 'General Forum Discussion' started by Xtreme2damax, May 20, 2011.

  1. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Well I wanted to post my experience with Postloop and suggest the service to other members there, because it's a webmaster forum and I thought it could be useful to webmasters struggling to get their community going or webmasters that were just starting . I was hoping to gain some referrals by suggesting Postloop besides posting my experience. I primarily wanted to share my experience so far with other members at Taz.

    I type everything out and what am I greeted with? Well let's say Postloop is on The Admin Zone's no-no list of allegedly competing sites. Upon submitting my post, the Postloop name and url's were converted to

    I wasn't happy at all so I went on a tangent cursing The Admin Zone, without the cursing if anyone catches my drift. Basically I raised a stink about it, because I was frustrated after typing out everything.

    I was told by one of my staff members about The Admin Zone's draconian policies and censorship, but I never thought it was that bad. They are a webmaster forum, why does it matter if another forum may be in the same category as Taz, shouldn't everyone be equal? Are they that afraid of losing members, traffic and revenue that they resort to such measures?

    So cutting to the question of the day, why is Postloop on The Admin Zone's naughty list? I'm just curious for the laughs since I'm sure the reason is quite ridiculous.
  2. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    Um, this belongs in this board? Explain the reasoning to me please.

    Forum Administrators can ban the advertising of any website they want. If the admin doesn't want people to post referral links, then by all means, they are banned. There may be any multitude of reasons why posting a link to postloop from admin zone is banned. Why complain about something an admin doesn't want linked to? I mean, I could own a free forum host, and ban the talking of competitors on the support board, so that I don't loose members because of it. That could also be the reasoning.
  3. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Considering you are part of Postloop I find it odd you would have such an attitude, that insinuates support for blatant disregard, unfriendly practices, censorship especially when this relates to Postloop. I'm sure if all admins had the attitude you outline in your post they would have some major trouble. I'm sure all the members would just love and adore them, flocking from more friendly and inviting communities to participate in an oppressive environment..

    I thought someone here might know. Sorry I bothered anyone, I was not meaning to stir up trouble or anything. All I'm trying to say is that it's ridiculous and contradicting considering they're supposed to be an admin forum, I wanted to know why Postloop is on their bad list. Not to mention Post Loop can help out a lot of struggling webmasters so it doesn't make any sense why Postloop would be censored there.

    Clearly it's unfriendly and regardless of their "safeguards" they are still losing members and traffic because of such draconian policies, while other admin forums that are more friendly and welcoming are rising in success. Despite this they continue to ignore the problem, all while everyone flocks elsewhere by the droves. Admins can rule a forum with an iron fist all they want for all I care, doesn't mean I or anyone else will give them the time of day with such policies in place.

    Instead of criticizing, the thread could always be moved to a more appropriate section. Considering I am new, I wasn't exactly sure where to inquire about this so I thought it would be appropriate to post in this section. I edited my posts at Taz to avoid any conflicts, it's unlikely they will take the blind fold from their eyes and listen anyways. I was hoping to give this issue more publicity, like certain blogs that discuss this quite concerning issue with Taz but don't mention Taz in name.

    Anyways I apologize, I wasn't trying to stir trouble or offend anyone. Just frustrated with Taz, and I'm not the only one, a lot of people are tired of that place. It was just a slap in the face since I just wanted to help out and spread the word.
  4. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Forum & Blog Owners

    What attitude do I have eh? You are frustrated, and anything that doesn't sooth you makes you more frustrated.

    I am a member of allot of websites and forums, and most of them do practice censorship of any competitors, so my attitude is that of knowledge of what specific forums like to do when they get an active community.
  5. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Don't read too much into the attitude part, I more or less meant supporting communities that enact inane policies or supporting these policies. Actually I'm not even sure what I meant by that.

    However the point here is that Postloop is not a competitor, it's a service that's useful to forum administrators. It does not make any sense to censor, much less on an admin forum. Regardless of what you believe, censorship of any form is wrong especially when it goes to far but that is just my opinion. Censorship causes bad things to happen, the only time censorship is remotely acceptable is when it's used to keep the peace.

    Also Taz is supposed to be a community that webmasters turn to for help, only if they don't run an admin forum themselves. Does that not seem a bit silly in the slightest? So where are they supposed to turn for help if they are not welcome at another admin forum?

    If I wanted to spread the word about Postloop at a place webmasters are likely to congregate, but am prohibited from doing so what good does it do. How will people know, I could of at least been able to recommend the service minus any referral links since I care about helping other communities as I am struggling running my own community. :/
  6. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

  7. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Thanks for the explanation, I was just curious since I was unlikely to get a response at Taz about it. This thread can be locked now.

    So far I am enjoying Postloop and like the idea so at the very least I wanted to recommend this service to other webmasters who may also be struggling with their communities.
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  8. Mikey

    Mikey Staff

    *cough* *cough*

    I would also reccommend AdminFusion but you mentioned CrowdGather so I won't recommend it and we won't need to go there ;)
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  9. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Maybe I should have excluded unnecessary bits from my post. I'm technically not supposed to say anything against them as I got in trouble for that once. :/
  10. timestandstill

    timestandstill Forum & Blog Owners

    They gave you a warning/ban for bashing them on another site? Seriously?
  11. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Yes. I'm a mod on one of their forums. I nearly caused or did cause a potential sale to fall through. I posted on Taz recommending the admin not sell out to them and posted my bad experiences with them after they took over one of my favorite sites that I currently am a moderator at.

    Well the CEO didn't like it, when I logged into the site I moderate I was demoted, placed in the validating usergroup, had my password and email changed so I couldn't log in or reset my password. Also they censored all links to my website which is in the same category as the site I moderate on. I had to contact the CEO at Taz, apologize and promise I wouldn't speak out against them at any site again and everything was reversed.

    I and everyone else were allowed to keep links to our sites even though they are technically competing. Members had permission long before they took over to post links to their websites in their signature. Anti-competitive censorship didn't set well with members or staff so a big stink was raised.

    Their takeover caused a big outrage in the community, so now they keep a low profile. From what I heard one of their employees was even fired over the entire ordeal but the head honcho isn't much better himself.

    Anyways I don't even know why I included that in my post, that's not the reason I posted this thread. Now that I know the reason why Postloop is censored at Taz this thread serves no further purpose.
  12. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    It's okay, I approve of this thread ;)
  13. Pete

    Pete Staff

    The criticism of TAZ is pretty much valid, it is kind of silly to be so hypersensitive of merely mentioning competing sites. But, I do participate in TAZ, most every day, because it's still the second best site for forum admins. Sorry Mikey, but just doesn't even come close. Nothing against them, their site just hasn't taken off yet.
  14. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    The quality of the membership and discussion at AdminExtra cannot be beat, hands down. There is almost nobody there who's immature or doesn't know anything about running a forum. The activity doesn't compare to a lot of other forums, but they've all got their own strengths and weaknesses.
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  15. Pete

    Pete Staff

    Dunno Ryan, I think that if you're talking about quality of the membership among forum admin sites, is so far ahead of everywhere else that it's hardly worth comparing. ;)
  16. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    ^ Never joined there, but I'm sure the membership there is awesome...It would almost have to be. That's not really comparing apples to apples though.
  17. Pete

    Pete Staff

    It may be like comparing apples to gold. ;)
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  18. Kaiser

    Kaiser New Member

    Tell me about it, I am not surprised..<--- read the 5 pages.

    They banned me for running an adminforum, all I did was have it in my signature if only they could have just asked me to remove it. Well surprisingly im not the only one, and I see no way how PostLoop can be of any competition to them. I regularly recommend PL to my members who are often asking for help with activity.

    Now if you want to check out a real admin forum, check out AdminBB ;)
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  19. FireNeko

    FireNeko Member

    I'm sorry but i have to pipe up, i was curious so searched the forums, while i do not like the fact that there are such policies on competition, i do agree with the fact that your rampage and a few others taking a "thats against the rules please remove it from your sig, or your post has been deleted" as an attack and spamming the place attacking people got you banned. I also find it dissapointing that admins turn to such behaviour, I mean come on takinf childish hissy fits isn't making your sites very appealing to anyone and making you seem like the people you despise.

    This has given me a reminder to recover my password at AdminExtra though. Having a mind like a sieve is horrible with loads of passwords to remember lol.
  20. Xtreme2damax

    Xtreme2damax New Member

    Hmm, so who had a hissy fit or got banned?

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