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  1. Cezz

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    1. Make Quality Posts in the main sections of the site
      1. Some offtopic posting is fine but any more than 30% will get a low mark
      2. Positing Threads that are on topic with the general site theme in the general chat/offtopic section are ok but again don't want all post to be like this!
    2. Upload an avatar, fill in your profile.
    3. Create your own Topics don't just reply to others, but once you have created one go back to it, don't just ask a question then leave the thread die this is pointless and not normal activity.
    4. Be Genuine in your posts, don't say you love something you don't and vice-versa just to pad your post, this is annoying and stands out like a soar-thumb.
    Do not's
    1. Mention you are a paid poster, and never mention Postloop.
    2. Post Affiliate links in your posts or your signature, you are already getting paid for posting.
    3. Argue with other members, you are there to help the community not drive members away.
    4. Argue with me about the rating I give you, I always mark as high as I feel fit arguing with me that it is not a fair mark is more than likely going to get me to be harsher!
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  2. Michael

    Michael New Member

    Ah, I like this thread. I'm not even a forum owner, but I try my best to post quality content and this thread contains good guidelines for doing such. :)
  3. pomp

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    I think postloop is great but obviously you will get a few users who do annoy you. I prefer to buy postloop points here since I simply do not have the time to make quality posts and build points.

    I think the biggest pet hate is when you rate someone low because you feel the quality of there posts does not match up. They comment on it like you are in the wrong and you should never give them there rating. Instead of arguing it should be higher, they should ask me," Ok thanks for the rating but how can I improve it in the future?".

    If they were to ask this, I would be happy to tell them the reasons and give them a higher rating once they have done what I have said needs improving..

    Here is an example rating I did lately.

    "I would create a few more topics when posting. :) "

    I think I did a bit better than 3.8...​
    22 hours, 1 minute ago​

    No avatar, no signature, 1 thread saying Hi. I say that is a fair rating.​
    21 hours, 38 minutes ago​


    This is for the student hangout forum, right? If so, I made comments in nearly every debate thread.

    I have even told him what needs changing without him asking yet he still feels I should change his rating anyway.

    Little things like this annoy me, posters need to realize they are doing this earn points and if you were going to go to work and your boss says you need to do something different to not lose your job then most normal people will change and do it how the boss wants it.

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  4. Pete

    Pete Staff Staff Member

    Just revoke, it's not worth the hassle.
  5. AmazingP

    AmazingP Member

    So that posters won't be welcoming people who joined before them, all threads in the welcome section should be locked after 3 days of posting...this is what my favorite forum is doing and it is working well.

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