What else are you doing to generate activity?

Discussion in 'General Forum Discussion' started by AzH, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. AzH

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    Postloop is a brilliant service and can help to boost a forum's activity very easily, and, if you have enough cash-money, you could probably run your forum on postloop posts alone. But, most of us do not have bundles of spare cash lying around, and postloop is purely a system to assist in kick-starting, restarting, or enhancing forum activity.

    It, alone, is not enough to guarantee forum success.

    So I ask, what else are you doing to promote your forum and generate additional activity?

    (maybe we can all get some ideas from this to help each other)

    For Dead Island Forums I have used postloop for posts and some post exchanges via TAZ & forumpromotion.net. I have a voucher for adwords and currently have a campaign running, and I have some money in projectwonderful.com which is putting out some ads too. I use Twitter extensively, not to always throw threads out there (it's not an auto account) but to network and build relationships. And I have posted a few links on the Dead Island Facebook page. Finally, I am running a contest to win a copy of the game. All people have to do is post 25 times and refer a friend. The posts are low enough to be able to do pretty easily, meaning the referral will possibly want to take part too.

    Phew! Seems like a lot! We're a month old, and:

    Threads: 241, Posts: 2,917, Members: 163

    What are you doing to promote your forum?
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  2. Ryan

    Ryan Staff Staff Member

    I don't currently own a forum that I'm promoting and also do not use Postloop to generate posts, but I thought I'd chime in anyways :D

    Back in the day when I did run forums, I relied very heavily on posting in related (even competing) forums with a link back to my forum in my signature. The reason I relied so heavily on it is because it worked so well. I did not spam those forums, but I provided very high quality posts to them and built up a reputation and relationship with a lot of members. When you do this, people pay attention to your signature 10x as much as they would otherwise. I did a little bit of paid advertising (links, banners, and adwords), and it did help some, but not enough for the amount of $$ I was spending in my opinion. Contests and promotions were the same. Very rarely were they successful enough to warrant the cost of the prices on my end. My time/money was better spent in building content and resources in my forums that running contests to get the members to do it for me.

    I also did quite a few post exchanges early on, and all that they did was help to generate activity from other, natural users. Just as you said, rarely does a post exchange result in activity after the exchange ends, and Postloop is not any different.
  3. timestandstill

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    I don't think paid advertising really works for forums... The admins of Hack Forums and Digital Point (both multi-million post forums) have said they've spent squat on marketing.

    One of my forums is doing pretty well with SEO traffic, and the other attracts some posters because of free content that requires registration (CSS templates, etc)
  4. Trombones13

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    I hope this thread gets some more responses, because this is something I was just thinking about, haha. I'm not a fan of paid advertising (perhaps because I have no money xP), but other than Postloop, just about all I've done is advertise via Twitter and other forums (and barely there since I don't want to spam :/). More ideas would be awesome. :D
  5. Gallitin

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    I have also used forumpromotion and theadminzone. Which on a side note, TAZ, has been down all morning for me. Neither of which have driven much traffic at all. Postloop has done the most. According to my analytics the best results I'm receive are in this order:
    1. Search engines (I spend about 30 minutes a day building back links)
    2. Paid Content Advertising (Advertising on sites where I purchase an actual content spot)
    3. Postloop
  6. Yoshi

    Yoshi New Member

    I have posted in some related forums with a link in my sig, but not too much. I need to do some more. I also have answered some related questions on Yahoo Answers with a link to my site in the source box. I only post useful replies, not spam. Analytics says that Answers is my second highest source of traffic, after direct traffic.

    I keep meaning to do some videos but I haven't got round to it yet :thumbsdown:
  7. Caiaphas

    Caiaphas New Member

    Has anyone else noticed that when a thread is started on your board, and you have it going through Twitterfeed to Twitter, that right after it posts, 10 to 15 people from Twitter automatically visit the link a few seconds after it goes up?
  8. AzH

    AzH Forum & Blog Owners

  9. Trombones13

    Trombones13 Forum & Blog Owners


    I have, yes; think they're all bots/spiders/whatever that auto-visit the Twitter links or something.
  10. AzH

    AzH Forum & Blog Owners

  11. Spangle

    Spangle Member

    It's actually a double edged sword and I am at my wits end to attract more members to my forum, I have less than 50 after a month.
    As for promotion I've tried posting on other forums adding backlinks via my signature, and also posting on blogs, leaving a link there.
    I've not had any success getting members from Twitter, of my 297 followers, none have actually signed up.

    Content and backlinks are king, so I am trying to concentrate on both at the moment, but activity on the forum has dropped because my energies are being diverted elsewhere.
  12. jack

    jack New Member

    Projectwonderful is a good system for getting traffic.
  13. AzH

    AzH Forum & Blog Owners

    Projectwonderful is an advertising system.
  14. K0Killer2

    K0Killer2 New Member

    Better meta-tags can increase traffic from search engines. If you're selling a product you can make Youtube videos of your product in use. That will bring in some more traffic.
  15. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    I'm using postloop and forum promotion sites, joining forums and putting a banner in my sig, posting the link to facebook. I won three forums right now but currently trying to just promote the one that I just started. More ideas would be very helpful though. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread ;)
  16. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    I tried to visit your site, but it's down.
  17. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    Indeed :( My host sucked so I have now moved :) The sig is updated to the correct forum!
  18. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    Are you sure, I'm still getting an error.
  19. UserMobility

    UserMobility New Member

    Does this work anymore. More importantly does this work for new forums which have no substantial content? I mean the point of backlinks was to build PR, which is now a defunct concept I think.

    Still would want to know how do you create backlinks to a new forum. :)
  20. Gallitin

    Gallitin Forum & Blog Owners

    Not only does it build PR it also builds traffic if you are doing it right. You need to post the links in places that many people will see, not just comment on some blog post.

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