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About Us Who we are & what we do.

A brief overview

Postloop is a content exchange marketplace. Members provide content for other members in exchange for content on their website, forum or blog. Users are rated and ranked depending on the quality of content they consistently provided allowing site owners to receive only the highest quality content available.

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To provide site owners with the best content available.
Receive high quality, premium content for your site/form/blog on request.
We provide high quality website content.

Our Values

  • We listen, we care, we serve.

    We love our clients, we love our writers. We listen and serve you.
  • We empower entrepreneurs & freelancers.

    By providing multiple platforms facilitating between buyer and seller, we empower both entrepreneurs & freelancers.
  • We believe in people and their dreams.

    We want you to succeed, whatever dream you may have.
  • We do the right thing.

    When faced with conflict, we are trained to do the right thing.
  • We innovate and constantly improve.

    Our platforms constantly grow in response to our user requests.
  • We practice open, real communication.

    We're transparent about our actions and want our users to be involved.

Company History

November 2010
Postloop creation

Postloop was created by Ryan Royal, owner of Royal Media, LLC as a forum post exchange. You can still access this part of the website today.

Postloop worked!

The platform enabled forum owners to receive more than 4,000,0000 posts during this time. Forum owners loved it, writers love it - it was a success and grew phenomenally.

November 2016
Going down...

After running Postloop for five years, Royal Media made the decision to close the Postloop site due to limited activity and a declining forum community.

April 2017
And we're back!

After some negotiation, Ionicware Inc. purchased the now defunct website and brought it back online. A new plan was put in motion to revive the site & platform.

July 2017
New theme, articles and more!

A new theme was released along with the content marketplace including high quality articles, translation and more.

Our Customers 1,000s of Happy Clients

Postloop brings in some high-quality comments for my blog.

legacy123 / a legacy reborn / 2011-08-13

I have gotten a couple hundred posts and about 65-70 Postloop members that contributed good content.

The Pet Board / The Pet Board / 2011-09-06

I give Postloop an A.

Dan / Forum Makeover / 2011-03-20

I highly recommend people join up and take a go at this. Postloop is simply amazing.

Fluffybunny / Chat Source / 2011-08-03

This is a great way for forum owners to get a little boost in posts.

x-Treme / xTreme Arcade / 2011-01-06

I would like to say that your service really works better than I thought. The quality of posts I have been receiving is great

WealthCrave / WealthCrave / 2012-06-09

Postloop is just EPIC. First day I used it, and I already have an active community by Postloopers! You guys ROCK!

Ruko / Gaming Avenue / 2011-08-26

There's nothing better than Postloop. Thanks guys for building an awesome website.

Collin Sexton / The Forums Zone / 2013-08-26

It's a great tool for forums no matter your forum age, category, software, the community here at Postloop is diverse.

Mikey / / 2011-04-03

I have accumulated over 100 new members and 864 posts...almost solely through being listed on Postloop.

Trombones13 / The Voice Internet Radio / 2011-04-26

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