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About Us

Parent Company
Ionicware, Inc

Hendersonville, NC, United States

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Ionicware, Inc
P.O. Box 1290
Flat Rock, NC

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Postloop was founded by Royal Media, LLC, an internet media company based out of South Carolina in The United States. At the helm of Royal Media is Ryan Royal, a long time member of the forum industry and previous owner of AdminFusion, vBSkinworks, and ForumFlux. Ryan was first involved with forums in the early 2000's. He not only participated in others' forums, but he also ran his own. His interest in forums ultimately grew to founding AdminFusion in 2005, a community for forum owners. AdminFusion grew to be the second largest of its kind on the internet, and more importantly, was also home to PostFusion. PostFusion was a very similar concept to Postloop and revolutionary at the time. PostFusion too was an automated post exchange, hosted by AdminFusion, and proven to be very successful. In early 2008, Ryan, and AdminFusion co-owner Lee Dodd, sold AdminFusion and PostFusion to new owners.

Ryan noticed that the new owners of PostFusion never fully embraced its potential. Its luster had faded but the need for such a system had not. Ryan wanted to offer this service to the forum industry yet again, and he has done so through Postloop. Postloop is the culmination of years of experience and observation in the forum industry. Ryan's goal with Postloop is to encourage the startup of new forums and blogs through quick, easy, and sustainable member participation.

Postloop officially opened its doors in November, 2010. It was quickly embraced by forum owners worldwide and has currently seen 4,391,682 posts and comments exchanged since inception. Now with thousands of members, an incredible variety of forums have participated in Postloop, from Webmaster forums to Zombie forums to Garage Door Repair forums. Postloop continues to evolve, seeing new functionality and new users daily.

Postloop closed down in November of 2016 but was purchased by Ionicware, Inc and reopened in April 2017.