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Site owners say

I have gotten a couple hundred posts and about 65-70 Postloop members that contributed good content.

The Pet Board / The Pet Board / 2011-09-06

Really happy with everything here and will use the system for another forum that needs a boost. 100% recommended.

ramymensa / TopAdmin / 2012-04-09

So you can see that due to the activity from Postloop it helped other people convert into members/posters. Thanks Postloop.

Gallitan / The-Quota / 2011-03-25

Writers say

I have been to other paid-to-post programs before but so far nothing can ever be at par with Postloop.

AmazingP / 2011-07-07

I really, really enjoy this because it does not feel like work to me. I’m getting paid to hang out on forums and socialize.

khristal23 / 2012-04-12

I want to give a special thank you to Postloop for being a great outlet for me when I was in a difficult time in my life.

c_levette / 2013-04-01

Frequently Asked Questions Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Postloop


Postloop is a marketplace and exchange for Forum Owners, Blog Owners, and Content Writers. Forum owners can use Postloop to attract more posts to their forums, blog owners use Postloop to attract more comments to their blogs, and content writers use Postloop to earn money for posting in forums and commenting on blogs. All of the exchanging of posts and comments is tracked automatically thanks to Postloop's exclusive monitoring service. It tracks activity in real time and automatically matches up forums and blogs to writers so that Postloop users do not need to bother setting up their own contracts and agreements.
First and foremost, there are no true alternatives to Postloop. Postloop is currently the only website to offer an automated marketplace and exchange for website owners and content writers. Postloop can be compared to forum post exchanges, blog comment exchanges, and paid posting or paid commenting services. Postloop has many advantages over all of these alternatives:

    All Postloop Users

  • Ease of use: Any and all alternatives to Postloop will require website owners and content writers to set up contracts or agreements on an individual basis. This is not a requirement at Postloop. Website owners can start immediately by listing their website today, defining various rules and guidelines to follow for content writers, and then wait as our writers are matched to their website based on interest. Content writers need not "apply" for a job or task or wait for approval. Once a writer goes through our initial application process, the writer may immediately start writing in any forum or blog that he or she is interested in. As posts and comments are exchanged, balances are updated in real time so that the website owners and content writers do not need to track it themselves.

  • Forum Owners and Blog Owners

  • Affordability: Much of the costs associated with a traditional post exchange, comment exchange, or paid writing service are due to the vast amount of time it takes to define the task and find the best writers for the job. This is not a concern at Postloop, because we bring the writers directly to you. You let us know who you are looking for, and we will provide the best writers for the job. We have hundreds of active writers daily, and they are all willing to accept tasks as they come in.
  • You Are Given the Option to Purchase or Exchange Content: Don't have time to exchange content yourself? You can just purchase it via Postloop. Don't want to spend money on content yourself? You can exchange content. In order to receive posts in your forums or comments in your blog, you need to earn Postloop \"points\". You earn these points either by purchasing them via PayPal or by contributing posts and comments to other Postloop forums and blogs. You can do either of these or both of them.
  • Receive Ideal Writers: If you are a forum owner or blog owner, one of your primary concerns will likely be \"How do I trust that your writers are right for my forum?\". We can assure you that any writer at Postloop has passed an initial review process by Postloop staff. During this process, we review the writing capability of the writer to assure that they meet Postloop's high expectations. Once a writer is accepted, they choose you, and we do not force them onto you. This assures that any and all writers contributing to your website are doing it out of interest, not because they are forced in, a common problem among traditional exchanges or paid content services.

  • Content Writers

  • Competitive Pay: Postloop content writers receive, on average, $ per post or comment made via Postloop and this can go as high as $ for our best writers. We are able to offer such a generous rate thanks to the ease and automation that we have built into Postloop.
  • Choose Your Own Topic: If you have experience writing content for money on the internet, you are likely very familiar with the practice of being forced into the same topic over and over again or being forced to write about topics that you are not interested in. That is not a problem at Postloop, as you always have access to 100+ blogs and/or forums to choose from, spanning a wide array of topics. You choose what you wish to write about, as opposed to being forced into certain topics of no interest.
  • Set Your Own Pace: There are no time limits on jobs or restrictions on how many jobs you can accept. At Postloop, you have full control over how much you earn and when you earn it. Whether you earn $20 per year or $20 per day is entirely up to you.
Before a website can be submitted to Postloop, the owner must upload a special Postloop file (postloop.php) to their website. Postloop has a monitoring service running on its own servers that will periodically check all participating sites for that file. That file will report any new content submitted by a Postloop user. All of the heavy duty tracking and calculations are done on our servers.
Yes! When you refer a friend to Postloop, you will receive a 20% bonus for all of the points that your referrals earn through posting or purchasing, forever! Go here to find your referral link and view the progress of your referrals. Go here to find any Postloop banners, text links, and other promotional tools for you to use.
  1. Join Postloop
  2. Follow the instructions listed at the top of this page
Please contact us to let us know that you would like to close your account. Note: It is possible to have 3 different accounts at Postloop (one at, one in our support forums, and a third at The Postloop Portal. When you request that your account be closed, please be sure to indicate which account(s) and also include the exact username and email address for each account.

Forum Owners & Blog Owners

Postloop supports most popular self-hosted software. Here is the software that Postloop currently supports:

Forum Software Supported
Blog Software Supported

If your software is not supported and you would like to use Postloop, please let us know here.

Postloop needs a way to accurately and efficiently keep track of any posters or comments made by Postloop users at your website. This is what the postloop.php file is for. Periodically, a Postloop service will call on postloop.php to receive any updates on posts that were made at your website by Postloop subscribers. The only information that is tracked from your website is the user id, username, and post count of the user - nothing else. This will have no effect on the performance/load of your website. Each time Postloop checks your website, it will make one request to receive updated post counts for your Postloop writers. If you have more than 30 active subscribers, Postloop will send separate requests in batches of 30 subscribers at a time. Each request is the equivalent of a fraction of a regular page load at your website and will not impact the load or speed of your website at all.
We can never guarantee an exact number of posts or comments that your website will receive at Postloop or even when you will receive that content. By the nature of Postloop, Postloop writers have complete freedom to choose whichever site they would like to contribute to. This is done intentionally in order to help them in choosing a website that interests them, as opposed to forcing them into a website they know nothing about. Forcing writers into a website they are not interested in is a common problem with most content exchanges and paid content services, but something that Postloop solves very well. Here are the biggest factors that will influence how quickly your website will receive content through Postloop:

  • Your Points Balance: Writers earn more points for posting at websites with high balances. You are therefore more likely to receive content the higher your points balance is.
  • Your Website's Topic: Writers are more likely to choose websites that they are interested in. It goes without saying that the more popular the topic of your website (gaming, general discussion, technology, etc.), then the more likely you are to receive writers quickly. If your topic is more obscure, it will likely take longer before you see content coming in, as there will be fewer writers interested in your website.
  • Ease of Entry: In addition to wanting to talk about something of interest, writers also want to post in websites that are easy to participate in. This typically means a website with a clean and inviting layout, but most importantly, one with active discussion. It is very difficult for a writer to start discussion in a website that is completely empty or one that has very little activity. Postloop should not be your only source of activity, but simply a supplement to it.
  • "Rules" Stated in the Website's Long Description: When you enter your website information, you are given the option to fill out a "Long Description" field that is commonly used by website owners to give their writers specific instructions or rules for posting. Writers are very interested in making website owners happy by delivering exactly what each individual website owner expects. If you give potential writers very clear instructions on what you do and do not want, they will feel more comfortable in joining and participating at your website.
Yes, you can. This is called a "Deposit" at Postloop. Please refer to our section on Deposits for more information.

Content Writers

  • All writers must have excellent English grammar
  • Writers from all countries are accepted, as long as they have excellent English grammar
  • All writers are required to pass an initial application process (described in the review process section here)
  • All writers must be able to accept payments via PayPal
Before you are approved for writing at Postloop, you must first make 10 trial posts at The Postloop Portal. The Postloop Portal is owned and operated by Postloop staff and is used as a place to verify writer quality before being admitted into Postloop. Postloop staff will review the posts that you have made and return with a decision within 24 hours. If your posts meet our quality expectations, you will be able to start participating at any of the websites listed at Postloop. If your posts do not meet our quality expectations, you may be able to reapply with another 10 posts if instructed by Postloop staff. If your posts fall far below the expectations at Postloop, you will not be able to reapply.

Below is how the application process works. You must follow every step in the exact order listed:
  • Join The Postloop Portal
  • Subscribe to The Postloop Portal (this is different from joining!!!). You must subscribe from this page.
  • Make 10 posts at The Postloop Portal
  • Wait up to 24 hours for approval. Postloop staff will review your posts made, and if they are of acceptable quality, your account will be approved to start subscribing to any of the sites at Postloop. You will be notified immediately via email and inside of your Postloop account once your posts have been reviewed.

If you post and then subscribe, your posts will not count. Only posts that you make after you subscribe will count.
When signing up on Postloop a portal account is automatically created for you. Login to your main Postloop account to login to the portal.
As soon as you make your 10 posts at The Postloop Portal, you will receive an email and an alert inside of your account informing you that your posts are under review. Once you receive that alert, you will need to wait up to 24 hours for Postloop management to review your posts and make a decision. Once the decision has been made, you will receive another notification letting you know of the decision.

If you have made 10+ posts at The Postloop Portal but have not received notification that your posts are under review, then you likely skipped the step of subscribing to The Postloop Portal before posting. The instructions in order to go through the approval process are stated at the top of this page. You must follow every step on that page in the exact order that they are listed. You have skipped step 2. Please go back to the page with the instructions and click the link in Step 2. Once you complete that process, you will need to make 10 more posts in order to be approved.
When you were notified that your account was rejected for posting, you were also explicitly told whether or not you can make 10 more posts to be submitted for review again. Furthermore, if you may not make 10 more posts to submit for review again, there will be an "Account Closed" message across the top of your account pages.

This can be due to many different reasons:

  • You have not yet subscribed to the site. Joining the site alone is not enough. After you join/register at the site, you must come back to Postloop and click "Subscribe" next to that site to associate your Postloop account with your username at the site.
  • You posted/commented at the site before you subscribed to it. You will only receive Postloop credit for posts that are made at a site after you subscribe to it. Any posts made at a site before subscribing to it will not be counted, but all posts made at a site after subscribing to it will be counted.
  • It has been less than 10 minutes since you made your post(s). Our tracking service runs approximately every 5-10 minutes. As such, there is usually a 5-10 minute delay after making your posts before you see the Postloop points in your account. You can check the "Last Validated" time for the site you're posting at to determine the last time that our tracking service processed that site.
  • The Postloop status for the site is not Active. Sites listed at Postloop can go Inactive, Offline, or Disabled at any time. You will only receive points for posts made at a site while it is in "Active" status. You can request instant email notification any time one of the sites you've subscribed to loses its "Active" status through your Alert Settings.
  • The site cannot be validated by Postloop. In order to receive points for posts made at Postloop sites, the site must be online, and the postloop.php tracking file must be uploaded and working properly. Postloop will constantly validate that this is the case and provide a "Last Validated" time for each site. This will tell you the last time that Postloop was able to verify that post tracking works at each site. If the "Last Validated" time was not recent, then something is wrong with post tracking, and you should refrain from posting until it is resolved. When the tracking issue is resolved, you will receive credit for any posts made while the site was down. However, if the tracking issue is never resolved, you will not receive credit for any posts made.
  • You are posting in a section/category that does not increase your post count. You will only receive points for posts which increase your post count. Some sites have certain sections in their sites that do not increase post count. These are usually Introductions, Off Topic, Forum Games, General Discussion, etc. This is controlled by each individual site owner and is typically done to encourage posting in true content areas as opposed to posting in areas that do not relate to the subject of the site itself.
  • Your posts or comments are awaiting moderation. Some forums and many blogs place all new posts or comments under moderation before they appear to the public. If your post is under moderation or pending review by the site owner, you likely will not receive any points until if or when it is approved. If this happens, we recommend not writing at that site until your content is approved.
  • Your subscription status at the site is not "Active". You will only receive points for posts made for an "Active" subscription. When you first subscribe to a site, your subscription is Active. This can change for two reasons: Either you unsubscribe or the owner of the site revokes your subscription. Unsubscribing should be self-explanatory. The site owner has the option to revoke your subscription if they do not approve of the posts that you are making. You will receive points for any posts while your subscription is Active, but if the owner revokes your subscription, you will not receive points for any posts in that site again.
  • You were not logged into the forum or blog when you left your content. This rarely happens with forums but is quite common with blogs. Most blogs allow guest comments, but in order to receive Postloop credit for comments that you make, you must be logged into the blog when you make your comment. If you are not logged in and you simply leave your name or username when you comment, you will not receive credit for that comment.
You can only be actively subscribed to any site once. However, whenever you unsubscribe, stop posting at a site, or are revoked from the site by the owner, your Active subscription for that site then turns to Inactive, Revoked, or some other appropriate status for the given situation. If you are able to, you can subscribe again to the site, and there will be a new listing under your subscriptions for the new subscription. Both the new and old will remain visible in your Subscriptions list.

Point System

Basically, when you post at somebody else's forum, you gain points, and the owner of the forum loses points. The more posts you make, the more points you earn and the more points that the owner of the forum loses. There are two reasons that you want to earn points. First, all forums are listed in order of points. The users with the highest balance will have their forums listed first. The second reason you want more points is because the more points you have, the more points your subscribers will receive for posting in your forums. This means they are more likely to post in your forums as you earn more points. This is described in detail the question below, How are points calculated.
There is a fairly complicated formula that goes on behind the points calculation. We will not bore you with the formula itself, but the concept is simple:

  • You earn points for posting at a Postloop forum (and the forum owner loses points)
  • The more points that the forum you're posting in has, the more points you will earn
  • You earn more points for spreading your posts out in a forum over time, and fewer points if you make a lot of posts in a forum all at once
  • You will receive bonus points for a high User Rating. More on that in the question Is my rating important?
In the past, we've learned that a simple "1:1" ratio (1 point per post made, and 1 point lost) leads to an extremely unbalanced system. Some forums were more popular or easier to post at than others, and they would receive a large percentage of overall posts while the smaller, more obscure forums would not receive many posts. The best way to fix this is to award more points for posting at a forum that has earned many points and award fewer points for a forum that needs to build up points out of a deficit.
Approximately every 5-10 minutes.
No, you can earn as many points as you wish!

Rating System

You may notice that when you view your own profile/dashboard or you view the profile of another Postloop user, that a "Rating" is displayed. This is the average rating that other Postloop users have given this user based on post quality. Rating is on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best) and can only be given by a forum owner to their subscribers. A Postloop user's rating should be a good representation of how good the posts are that they are making in Postloop forums. Ratings do expire over time, so a user's current "average" rating is not necessarily the average of all ratings that user has ever received. See When do ratings expire below for more information about rating expiration.
Yes! A high rating will earn you more points per post. The bonuses are as follows:

Rating < 4: No bonus points
Rating of 4.00 - 4.24: 0.25 bonus points per post
Rating of 4.25 - 4.49: 0.35 bonus points per post
Rating of 4.50 - 4.74: 0.50 bonus points per post
Rating of 4.75 - 4.99: 0.75 bonus points per post
Rating of 5: 1.00 bonus point per post

Furthermore, in order to convertyour Postloop points to cash via PayPal, you must have a rating that is better than the average rating for all Postloop users. The current average rating for all Postloop users is 3.71.

As you make posts in other forums, the forum owner of each forum will review your posts and give you a rating based on the quality of your posts. Before a forum owner can rate you, you must make at least 5 posts in their forum. Forum owners are not required to give you a rating, but they are encouraged (and rewarded) to do so. They will not rate you immediately, but if you be patient and post in multiple forums, you will receive ratings.
All ratings received will eventually expire. This will allow user ratings to accurately reflect recent post quality as opposed to lifetime post quality and will also allow posters an opportunity to recover from poor ratings over time. As ratings expire, your average account rating will be calculated as follows:
  • If you have received at least 3 ratings over the past 30 days, your current average rating will be the average of all ratings received over the past 30 days.
  • If you have not received at least 3 ratings over the past 30 days, your current average rating will be the average of your last 10 ratings, regardless of when they were received.
All ratings are anonymous by default. Forum owners have the option to include their name or forum in the comment for you to see, but this is optional. Forum owners are not required to reveal their identity. This is done to allow forum owners to give honest ratings without having to worry about backlash from unhappy subscribers.
If you received a rating from a forum owner which you think is unfair or if you need clarification on the rating, the first thing that you should do is ask for clarification on the rating from the forum owner. You can do this directly on your ratings received page. Click on the "comments" count next to the rating in question and leave your feedback. The forum owner will receive the comment and has the option to respond to it, but they are not required to do so. If you are unable to receive any feedback or adjustment from the forum owner, you will need to wait for the rating to expire. There is no need to contact Postloop in the event of an unfair rating. Postloop management reviews all ratings that are given and act on any that are given in an unfair manner.

Post Quality and Abuse

If you have any reason to believe that somebody is abusing or misusing the Postloop system, please let us know as soon as possible at contact us. We will investigate, and if we do determine that somebody is cheating the system, their access rights to Postloop will be revoked, and we will correct any point balances if need be.
We take post quality very seriously and have implemented many features into Postloop to encourage quality. If you still notice that a Postloop user is making low quality posts in your forums, the first thing that you should do is contact the user yourself in your forums. Let them know that you would like to see higher quality posts being made. Hopefully the two of you can come to a resolution. If you cannot, then you also have the power to outright remove them from your Subscribers by using the "Revoke" feature that is explained below.
If you feel that you've taken all necessary steps to encourage a particular Postloop user to create quality posts in your forum and they still are not doing it, you have the option to forcefully unsubscribe them from your forums. You can do this by viewing the details of your forums and viewing the list of subscribers at the bottom. Click "Revoke" next to any subscriber to remove them from your forums. This will unsubscribe them from your forum, and it will disallow them from earning points in that particular forum. If you later change your mind or want to give the user a second chance, you do have the option to reverse or remove this restriction.
The most important thing to do is to monitor your forums and have an open line of communication with your Postloop subscribers. Something else that we recommend is to specify a minimum Postloop User Rating that any Postloop user must have before subscribing to your forum. User Ratings are on a scale of 1-5 and are an indicator of the quality of posts that each Postloop user makes. You can require that any Postloop user have a rating of your choice before subscribing to your forums by editing your Postloop forum information.


In addition to earning Postloop points by posting at other forums, you can also purchase points via PayPal. This is called a "Deposit", and you can do it here.

The current Deposit rates are as follows:

50 Points for $6
100 Points for $11
150 Points for $16
250 Points for $25
500 Points for $49
1000 Points for $95
2500 Points for $225
Yes, they are as follows:
  • All purchases undergo a manual review process. Your payment will be processed immediately, but you will not receive your points until approved by Postloop staff. This will usually happen within a few hours but may be up to 24 hours depending on time of day.
  • Postloop management reserves the right to refuse any purchase with or without cause. If a purchase is refused, payment will be returned.
  • Refunds are not allowed under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to review all Terms & Conditions and monitor your own forums accordingly.
  • If you file a chargeback or payment reversal, your account and forums will be banned from Postloop forever.
No, you are not. Postloop has a lot of functionality in place to encourage posts at forums with high balances and also to encourage post quality at these forums. There is, however, no guarantee for either. We encourage you to review our section on Post Quality & Abuse for more information on how to get the most out of your points.
You may only deposit via PayPal.

Payment & Withdrawals

On average, our posters receive $0.08 per post that they make at Postloop. The exact amount that you earn per post will vary depending on the factors explained in the How are points calculated question/answer. There is no limit to the amount of money that you can earn at Postloop.
You may withdraw your points for cash to your PayPal account here.
Yes, they are as follows:
  • You must have at least $5.00 worth of points before withdrawing.
  • You must have a User Rating that is better than the average rating for all Postloop users. This is currently 3.71. Read What Rating Means above for more information on User Ratings.
  • Payment will not be issued immediately. All withdrawal requests undergo review by Postloop staff. This will usually be completed within a few hours but can take up to 24 hours depending on circumstances and time of day.
  • Your points balance will be subtracted from immediately, before you receive payment.
  • Postloop management reserves the right to refuse any withdrawal request with or without cause. In the event that a withdrawal request is denied, any points removed during your request will be returned.
  • Review all Terms & Conditions prior to requesting withdrawal. If you are found in violation of any Terms & Conditons, your withdrawal request will be denied, and you will be subject to removal from Postloop forever.
  • Postloop is not responsible for reporting your taxable income. You must follow the appropriate laws for your country or territory. An exception to this rule is made in event that you are a US citizen receiving more than $600 in payment from Postloop in one year. If this is the case, Postloop is required by law to report your earnings to the IRS. Postloop will personally notify you before this happens.
Currently, we will only send withdrawal payments via PayPal.
Tax laws vary based on location. Postloop is not responsible for reporting your taxable income, and you therefore must follow your local tax regulations. There is, however, one exception to this rule. If you are a US citizen earning more than $600 at Postloop in one year, Postloop is required by law to report your earnings to the Internal Revenue Service. Postloop will notify you in advance of this happening.
This indicates that Postloop sent payment to the email address specified but that email address is not registered with a PayPal account. You will either need to create a PayPal account with that email address or add the email address to your existing PayPal account. Once you do either of these, the payment will automatically show up in your PayPal account shortly. This may take up to 20 minutes. If you still do not receive payment, please contact Postloop.