• What is Postloop?
  • What makes Postloop better than its alternatives?
  • How do you guys "automatically" keep track all of the content that is exchanged?
  • Do you have a referral program?
  • How do I get started?
  • How can I delete or cancel my account?

Forum Owners & Blog Owners

  • What forum and blog software will work with Postloop?
  • Why do I have to upload some file to my website?
  • I've submitted my website. When will I start to receive content?
  • Can I purchase points?

Content Writers

  • What are the requirements to earn money as a content writer at Postloop?
  • What is the application process like for content writers?
  • "Applications are not currently being accepted for new writers. Please check back later." When will you begin accepting applications again?
  • Where is the Signup, Register, or Create Account page at The Postloop Portal?
  • I have made my 10 posts at The Postloop Portal. When will my account be approved for posting?
  • My 10 posts were rejected for posting. May I apply again?
  • Why am I not receiving any points for the posts that I make?

    This can be due to many different reasons:

    • You have not yet subscribed to the site. Joining the site alone is not enough. After you join/register at the site, you must come back to Postloop and click "Subscribe" next to that site to associate your Postloop account with your username at the site.
    • You posted/commented at the site before you subscribed to it. You will only receive Postloop credit for posts that are made at a site after you subscribe to it. Any posts made at a site before subscribing to it will not be counted, but all posts made at a site after subscribing to it will be counted.
    • It has been less than 10 minutes since you made your post(s). Our tracking service runs approximately every 5-10 minutes. As such, there is usually a 5-10 minute delay after making your posts before you see the Postloop points in your account. You can check the "Last Validated" time for the site you're posting at to determine the last time that our tracking service processed that site.
    • The Postloop status for the site is not Active. Sites listed at Postloop can go Inactive, Offline, or Disabled at any time. You will only receive points for posts made at a site while it is in "Active" status. You can request instant email notification any time one of the sites you've subscribed to loses its "Active" status through your Alert Settings.
    • The site cannot be validated by Postloop. In order to receive points for posts made at Postloop sites, the site must be online, and the postloop.php tracking file must be uploaded and working properly. Postloop will constantly validate that this is the case and provide a "Last Validated" time for each site. This will tell you the last time that Postloop was able to verify that post tracking works at each site. If the "Last Validated" time was not recent, then something is wrong with post tracking, and you should refrain from posting until it is resolved. When the tracking issue is resolved, you will receive credit for any posts made while the site was down. However, if the tracking issue is never resolved, you will not receive credit for any posts made.
    • You are posting in a section/category that does not increase your post count. You will only receive points for posts which increase your post count. Some sites have certain sections in their sites that do not increase post count. These are usually Introductions, Off Topic, Forum Games, General Discussion, etc. This is controlled by each individual site owner and is typically done to encourage posting in true content areas as opposed to posting in areas that do not relate to the subject of the site itself.
    • Your posts or comments are awaiting moderation. Some forums and many blogs place all new posts or comments under moderation before they appear to the public. If your post is under moderation or pending review by the site owner, you likely will not receive any points until if or when it is approved. If this happens, we recommend not writing at that site until your content is approved.
    • Your subscription status at the site is not "Active". You will only receive points for posts made for an "Active" subscription. When you first subscribe to a site, your subscription is Active. This can change for two reasons: Either you unsubscribe or the owner of the site revokes your subscription. Unsubscribing should be self-explanatory. The site owner has the option to revoke your subscription if they do not approve of the posts that you are making. You will receive points for any posts while your subscription is Active, but if the owner revokes your subscription, you will not receive points for any posts in that site again.
    • You were not logged into the forum or blog when you left your content. This rarely happens with forums but is quite common with blogs. Most blogs allow guest comments, but in order to receive Postloop credit for comments that you make, you must be logged into the blog when you make your comment. If you are not logged in and you simply leave your name or username when you comment, you will not receive credit for that comment.

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  • Why do I have the same site listed multiple times under Subscriptions?

Point System

  • How does the point system work?
  • How are points calculated?
  • Why is the point system so complicated?
  • How often are points updated?
  • Is there a maximum number of points that I can have?

Rating System

  • What does "Rating" mean?
  • Is my rating important?
  • How do I rate other people?
  • How do I receive ratings?
  • When do my ratings expire?
  • How do I know which forum owner rated me?
  • What do I do if I receive a rating that I feel is unfair?

Post Quality and Abuse

  • What do I do if I find somebody abusing the system?
  • A Postloop member is spamming my forums! What do I do?
  • What does it mean to "Revoke" a subscriber from my forum?
  • Is there anything else that I can do to encourage post quality?


  • How do I purchase Postloop points?
  • How much do points cost?
  • Are there any rules for Deposits?
  • Am I guaranteed to receive a certain number or quality of posts with my purchased points?
  • Which payment processors can I use to deposit?

Payment & Withdrawals

  • How much can I earn for posting here?
  • How do I withdraw my Postloop points for cash?
  • Are there any rules for Withdrawals?
  • Which payment processors can I use to withdraw?
  • Do I need to pay taxes on my Postloop earnings?
  • What does it mean when my withdrawal request is marked "Unclaimed"?