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  1. James dean patrick Mirong
    James dean patrick Mirong Ryan
    Good day . I just want to ask a question . when i start my conversation others or let's say I message to another member . Is it privacy and we are just two talking people to read and see our conversation we've make ?
  2. fea
    fea GeaЯZ
    find me on r-tr pls
  3. johnmarvin
    johnmarvin Aloony
    Hi everyone I join this forum because to have a point
  4. Joyce50
    Joyce50 Joshua Farrell
    I was rejected on the basis that my account has been rejected for posting. The following reason was given: Duplicate account.
    I only have this account. I was introduced to this site my my daughter. Is it that 2 family members can't user Postloop?
    We look alike alot but you can see our Facebook pages, 2 different people. Shanique Davis and Megan Truebeliever Smith. Please check it out and give me another chance.
  5. ShanShan
    ShanShan ezia2017
    Happy Birthday :-)
  6. ShanShan
    ShanShan Azziza
    Happy Birthday :-)
  7. ShanShan
    ShanShan angiecahoon
    Happy Birthday :-)
  8. ShanShan
    ShanShan carloskerika
    The body type is called endomorph; which is what I am, both parents are endomorphs, can't help it. :-)
    1. carloskerika
      So food for thought does it for you....:-)
      Nov 17, 2017 at 1:39 AM
  9. carloskerika
    When you Gain Fat So Easy "that even Food for Thought goes straight to your thighs.."
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    2. ShanShan
      very funny
      Nov 15, 2017
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    3. carloskerika
      Hahahaha but its true...Some body types are so good at weight gaining
      Nov 16, 2017
  10. carloskerika
    Stay Young and Keep your wheels in motion!!
  11. carloskerika
    Its all about having Fun in what you do.
  12. savecarl
    savecarl Beverly
    Good day Ma'm @Beverly,, I would like to ask some concerns regarding my verification. I have received this message about my post is under review and will be verified after 24 hours. I just joined yesterday and it was already 24 hours since my registrations and postings...Hoping for your reply soon and God bless. Thank you
    1. Beverly
      Please check your main Postloop account dashboard. Even if you don't receive an email notification, there should be notice there.
      Nov 13, 2017
  13. savecarl
    savecarl Ryan
    Good day everybody. I just join yesterday and already done my 10 post. =) Im so excited to start join different forums and learn many things. Looking forward for approvals soon. Still waiting...Good bless all you guyz. +) Keep up the good work.
  14. msg17
    msg17 Beverly
    Hi, Ma'am. I have this concern about my account being verified. Yesterday, I have received an email saying that I have made enough posts and that I am under review. It was also said that I should wait for 24 hours for the review to be complete. But, it has been exactly 24 hours now and I have not yet received any updates regarding my account. What should I do?
  15. kim castaneda
    kim castaneda Ryan
    I've done my 10 posts but why there is no notification if you are qualified or not???? can you help me??