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Hi everyone! Feel free to leave a message with me if you need help with anything PL related. Best of luck being approved! Jan 14, 2015

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Jan 17, 2015
    1. kat2415
      Thank you, Grumpy. I am new here and have just finished my 10 posts. It is very kind of you to be so helpful. I am just enjoying the writing and hoping to make a few extra bucks. Be blessed.
    2. about-time
      Hi Grumpy, I am Happy, haha
      I am new to Postloop. I have been approved and now posting. I think I may be making a dime an hour. I get carried away and think through my posts read other posts. Anyway, just thought I would check out some active members and follow them so I can get more aquainted with this program. It is nice you are offering to help!
      1. shamekaw418
        I am also a new member to post loop too and it is nice meeting you.
        Aug 21, 2016
    3. Venna
      Would love to get a like from you as you seem to have this figured out! Any pointers you can offer me? I would really like to get the approval but would love feedback to make sure I'm posting correctly! I appreciate any help you are willing to provide! ~ Venna
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    4. lana0912
      I also do hope to get approved.Wish all the best to everyone .I have joined this site today it is very interesting to me to make some income by writing about life and things that matter to people.
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      2. monet
        Yea I thought so as well, I mean who knew just leaving a helpful comment or suggestion could make you some money.
        Jun 25, 2015
    5. Donior Dagol
      Donior Dagol
      Good Day to you Brother.
      I finish my post but not yet subscribe on this site.
      I'll just ask questions tomorrow Brother.
      God bless you always
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    6. thenhit
      New in postloop where to post article little bit confused. I have to post quality post it means that there is a good grammar keyword rich article. Grumpy you are already approved member have your quality article posted, you make me confused by telling help to get approved but detail? Wrong. Probably.
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    7. Grumpy
      Hi everyone! Feel free to leave a message with me if you need help with anything PL related. Best of luck being approved!
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    8. Grumpy
      Long time, no see! How is everyone? :)
    9. rian ade saputra
      rian ade saputra
      I am a new member , was tried and tried , please prompts . thank you
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      2. Grumpy
    10. Vajt
      Hey, I posted 11 posts before i subscribed, do they get reviewed?
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    11. heart09
      I'm new and don't know what to do or where to start exactly. Please help me. Thanks! :) ♥
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      2. Grumpy
    12. Manasi
      hey can you please tell me how can i post those 10 articles, i am getting a message as access denied
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      2. Grumpy
        Your content didn't pass PostLoop's verification process.
        Jun 18, 2014
    13. PreciousGirl
      hey please help me... tell me how to earn from this site :(
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    14. zeeshan
      How can i earn from this site. till now i have posted 11 posts. and just earned 1 point.
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    15. Grumpy
      Maybe some more promotion is needed for Postloop. Seems things are slow at the moment.
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      2. BlackCobra
        They are quite slow at the moment, I agree that PostLoop should take some money out into Advertising, might be able to pick up some forums and users. I don't know how many people actually refer, but I've only managed to bring in 3 forums, with only one of which get more points about every other week, other than that, I have over 105 referrals and only 6 active.
        Apr 29, 2013
    16. Grumpy
      Here to help you!
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      2. Usama Butt
        Usama Butt
        Want to know some tricks to be accept by
        please help me
        May 15, 2012
      3. Grumpy
        Read the introduction post I posted in everyone's introduction thread(s) for all the tips you need.
        May 15, 2012
    17. Grumpy
      PostLoop getting boring atm. Not many good forums to subscribe to. Maybe point prices need to be lowered to stimulate activity on PL...?
    18. Grumpy
      How are you all, been away for a long time now!
    19. Grumpy
      Hi guys, haven't been here in a while! How're things going?
    20. Grumpy
      Night then Mikey! :P
    21. Grumpy
      Congratulations on joining the Postloop Team, Mikey!
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