2 things that you can earn from Postloop- Money and Knowledge

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Glorianne123, May 27, 2018.


Why did you join to Postloop? is it because of Money Or Knowledge?

  1. Money

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  2. Knowledge

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  1. Glorianne123

    Glorianne123 New Member

    Hi guys ! I'm a newbie and the reason why I'm actually here is because I'm doing some research on how to earn money online by just staying at home until I discover this website and I was really amazed to what I had found out. A lot of people are sharing their ideas and knowledge about a certain topic. I can not only earn points and convert them into dollars but I can also get some useful knowledge that I can apply on my daily living such as books, movies, computers, health and lifestyle, etc. I'm looking forward to discover some more things and to participate in some certain topics and discussions so that I could also share my knowledge and ideas to some other members in this loop. It's like give and take. :)

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