30 Days diet plan

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who need diet plan ?

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  1. Gshan

    Gshan New Member

    Hey who needs 30 Days diet plan if you need reply my message i will give good benefits
  2. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    Any tips to start on a diet plan? I think I need one.
  3. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    This is a 30-day Diet plan.

    First day, to start the week make it warm and full.

    Second day, try eggs

    Third day, eggs on a toast

    Fouth day, egg toast with avocado

    Fifth day, banana pancake

    Sixth day, citrus fruit

    Seventh day, just bananas

    Eighth day, just apples

    Ninth day, just watermelon

    Tenth day, I hope you're still on this diet meal plan. More fruit. A juicy pear.

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