5 things which make you happy

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Puneet, Feb 20, 2020.


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  1. Puneet

    Puneet New Member

    Be happy. Let yourself enjoy things.

    • Exercise.
    • Be kind.
    • Surround yourself with people you love.
    • Be grateful.
    • Let yourself be happy.
  2. caveatemptor

    caveatemptor New Member

    Here are the 5 best things that make me happy.

    1. HAVING A GOOD DINNER AND CHAT WITH FAMILY. In this age of technology, finding time to have precious and quality time with family is something that is really enjoyable. Wether it is talking about your future plans or just reminiscing the old days, nothing beats finding time for your family.

    2. SHARING YOUR BLESSINGS. Helping someone in need and knowing that you have helped really gives you a feeling of bliss.

    3. GETTING APPRECIATED. Wether it be at work or in your home. Acknowledging your efforts is the greatest reward after a hard days work.

    4. WATCHING NETFLIX. A little of R&R while watching Netflix with a good popcorn any maybe uhmm.. a glass of wine. Whoo!

    5. PRAYING BEFORE SLEEPING. Knowing that in a days work, God is always there to listen to you. Always be thankful for the blessing you receive from HIM.
  3. mosesczar

    mosesczar New Member

    The five things that make me happy include:

    1. People: Having friends and family around, having to talk and laugh with them, both about trivial things and about things that really matter means the whole world to me. I'm at my best when I'm connecting with those I love.

    2. Writing: I love to pour my heart out in writing. Most of the times when I pick up a pen to write, on my diary for instance, I write things that I wouldn't share with anyone. But aside that, when I write, I love the fact that I can use my writing to influence people and teach them.

    3. Drawing: This is my childhood craze. My dad is an artist, so I inherited some of his artistic talents. When I was a kid, I got purnished many times for drawing on everything in our house, including our walls and my elder sister's dictionary. When I draw, I hardly think, I just go on and on, most times not knowing what I'm drawing or what I want to achieve with the drawing.

    4. Rhyming: Another childhood craze. I grew up having rappers as role models. I'm particularly enchanted by how you can go on with strings of words and sentences and maintain a particular rhymes, while making a lot of sense and passing across your message.

    5. Food: Well, I shouldn't be ashamed to add this; or should I? I love food, and can eat almost anything, once its called food (there are few exceptions though)
  4. marieriku13

    marieriku13 New Member

    The five things that make me happy:

    1. Hobbit: this is only the thing that I am interested right now. Stress-Free away from work, but doing what are you interested.

    2. Food: Everyone likes food. Even you are not meat-lover or on diet, No one can take away from it.

    3. Fashion: Even though I have enough money to buy but it is not necessary, I will not likely to buy it. However, I got an idea how to dress up.

    4. Saving money: For the future purposes, While you are young, you have a energy to work. Why not? save for the future. While you reach an retirement age, you can do what every you want.

    5. Talking to internet friends: You can to talk your problem and life without judging you in person. Having same interest, have a same good vibes.
  5. PaoPhen

    PaoPhen New Member

    5 things which makes me happy: First, God because He is the first reason I am happy. He gave everything to us we must cherish it and take care of it. Second, Family because family is love. With love there is happiness .
    Third, the love of my life because without her everything I had achieve I may not achieve it. She was my inspiration and my motivation. She makes me happy everytime and everyday. Fourth, It makes me happy with all of my achievements in life. They were the trophies in my mile stones and the result of my hardworks. Last, Peace, it makes me happy when we have peace because it brings equity and love all over the world.
  6. meamambrosio7

    meamambrosio7 New Member

    A happier me, I think its not only 5 things which make me happy. But happiness is something we all have to continuously work at. We all striving hard to be happy and healthy. Here are some things which make our life happy and healthy:
    • First, GOD. We should be grateful in life eventhough a lot of trials and problem we should be thankful to God. he is our source of our life.
    • PARENTS. They are my source of strength without them I am not successful.
    • WORK. In medical field you will appreciate every life. You will be grateful because you are healthy compare to them.
    • PRAY. Prayer is part of my life. Prayer is one of the most important things a Christian can do. PRAY without ceasing.
    • TRUE FRIEND. No one is an island. We need to socialize also.
  7. Joaaan

    Joaaan New Member

    Faith, relationships, movies, food, art
  8. ftmabalot

    ftmabalot Member

    5 things that make me super happy are:

    1. A healthy love relationship
    I am married to the most amazing man in the world (for me). We argue, yes, but we don't fight like boxers do. We get along pretty well. A healthy love relationship is full of Trust, Respect and Love.

    2. Children
    They are gifts from God. They bring joy to a family. Their hugs and kisses makes me soooo happy.

    3. Roof over my head
    No matter how big or small a house is, if there is love inside, that's what really matters. It will be your sanctuary. Youthey special place where you'll be at peace.

    4. Family Support
    Emotional and Spiritual support at that. Your family is your wall that you can lean on every single time. They are the ones who will understand you and not judge you because they know you well, practically all your life.

    5. Peace of mind and of heart
    When you have a peace of mind and heart, everything else follows. There is not a single battle you cannot win.
  9. JSP1109

    JSP1109 New Member

    1. Pets - No. 1 stress reliever. Just seeing them around after a hard days work relieves my stress.
    2. Healthy relationship with family, friends and all my loved ones.
    3. Financially stable. Makes me happy to know that I can survive each day knowinh I am able to provide my needs to myself and to others.
    4. Music. Listening to my favorite music eveytime I am down lifts up my spirit.
    5. Travel. Seeing the beauty of the world makes me happy.

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