5 Ways to Live Your Life to Its Fullest

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  1. nishishsandy

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    The owner of the company was so amused to hear me Uncompromised Life System say I could develop software for him using MS Excel that he burst out laughing so many times, as I spoke. Eventually, he turned to someone seated next to him, and pointing to me said "Can you imagine him wanting to teach me Excel? I know more Excel than he knows! What can he possibly teach me?" Looking at me, with a mocking expression on his face, he said with a tone of finality "Anyway, I wish you all the best".
    All my handwritten testimonials from past clients - including two well known companies he was familiar with - did not impress him. As I left that day I had to muster all the courage I could, to avoid feeling depressed. I shook off the embarrassment of that experience, and continued my foot-solider-marketing. And it was a good thing, I did so.
    Guess what happened? Before the end of that day, I had won a project to build an Excel-VB driven software for a medium sized hotel in Omole Estate, Phase 1 in Ikeja, Lagos. And I went on to sell THAT same application to another hotel in Ikeja less than ONE month after finishing it!

  2. Warren1967

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    Living your life to the fullest is being all that you can be and doing all that you can do.
  3. emax2000

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    My best recommendations would be;
    1. Take a tour outside your country
    2. Go fishing
    3. Exercise several times
    4. Go out for long walks
    5. listen to music
  4. jeda30

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    Living your life to the fullest is all about contentment. Contentment doesn't mean that you don't have to work for your own progress or self-improvement, it's about being grateful for everything you have right now. Sharing your little blessings, doing ministry, helping the very needy people, showing your talents and enjoying in every little success, your life would me more meaningful and colorful.
  5. Five ways to live your life to the fullest. For me you don't have to be a millionaire to live your life to the fullest.
    First, put Jesus in your life. Have faith and pray always. Jesus can make impossible to possible. All the problems, trials, and difficulties in life is very easy for you if their is Jesus in your life. Second, be good to everyone. Love your enemies as you love yourself. It is very comfortable to walk if you don't have enemies. Third, set your goals. Study hard and focus so that you can achieve all your goals. Don't compete with others just compete with yourself. Fourth, don't forget to look back from where have you been. Thank people who help and support you. Fifth, share your blessings.
  6. Robsky

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    Five ways to live your life to the fullest. First, be happy with what you have. It is important that we are contented with what we have right now. Being thankful for the things that are given to us will make us happy.

    Second, we should do the things that we love. Life is really short and it is really great that we are doing the things that we love. It also gives us joy and makes us feel better.

    Third, we need to be with our family most of the time. Our family is a precious gift and having quality time with them is really important. Talking and sharing thoughts with your family will make your life much better.

    Fourth, we should do good things to others. Helping other people who are in need is one the best things to do in life. We will notice that we feel happy when we help someone. This is a gift that we have and to enjoy helping others is great.

    Last, we should take care of our environment including plants and animals. Doing great things for our nature will give us the purpose of life as human beings. Earth suffers much because of the wrong deeds of people. By taking care of our nature and animals, we will enjoy our life and serve for a purpose.
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  7. tsameyn

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    Love someone who can love you back.
    Travel alone or even with strangers.
    Treat yourself with the simplest things that can make your heart.
    Pray for guidance.
  8. ohevit

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    There is no better way to live life to the fullest than to live with the Lord. If you abide by God and His principles, then you will be guided on how to live with wisdom and significance, and ultimately with satisfaction.

    If you live with wisdom, you will be able to know how to prioritize important things like family, good name, wholesome career, clean and peaceful environment.

    Loyalty to family and to sound principles in life is easier said than done. But with God as your guide, you will always be reminded of what to do.

    Of course, you have to do your part. Be devoted to God. Love Him with all your heart. He alone can meet all your needs, especially, emotional ones. He alone can satisfy the longings of your soul and fill the void in your heart. Love your family. They are the ones you can lean upon when things go wrong. Extend your concern to other people outside your family and clan. Be aware of other people and their stories. Be useful to your community. Do positive and beneficial things. Try to be kind to all, including your environment.
  9. Treveez

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    1. Live every day on a fresh new start. ...
    2. Be true to who you are. ...
    3. Quit complaining. ...
    4. Be proactive. ...
    5. Rather than think “what if,” think “next time”. ...
    6. Focus on WHAT vs. How. ...
    7. Create your own opportunities. ...
    8. For me it is everyday
  10. Kiyen96

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    Try my recommendation:
    1. Throw your Smartphone
    2. Go to gym
    3. Travel alone
    4. Donate money
    5. Jump from 18000 feet; obviously with parachute

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