A Dedication to My Mom

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  1. nheilm2020

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    My Mom, My Heroine

    A woman who truly nurtures me,
    and teaches all I’m trying to see.
    Guides me in all the way,
    So, I’m thankful all day.

    You’re a kind of a living heroine.
    Who directs me what I need to be seen.
    All these awareness that I know.
    These are all deeply offered to you.

    The reasons why you let me see,
    You show the way you care and protect me.
    This world is full of misery.
    Your words motivate me to face reality.

    You’re an inestimable present He gives to me.
    You’re a great woman who holds the key.
    Even the rains that tried to hamper,
    all disappeared by your loving and tender care.

    I pretty know the way you healed this blue.
    My real heroine, oh I love you so.
    This strength and laughter that I bear.
    Thanks, mom for being always there.
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  2. Dionese1975

    Dionese1975 New Member

    Surely, your mom would cry the moment she reads this poem for her. I love the thoughts you have shared on this poem. Very dramatic and realistic!Congratulations!
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  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Good piece. I lost my mother five years ago and I miss her very much,

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