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    When people talk about the roller coaster of emotions a mom who just gave birth goes through, discovering every day is a day of learning and adjustment.
    "It’s okay not to be okay". "To get help in taking care of a baby doesn’t make any less of a mother," And while physical body needs rest and self-care to be able to care for the husband and child, the spiritual self also needs caring, which is where prayer is vital.
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    There is no greater love one can feel than from one's own mother. They love you no matter who you are. Cherish them while they are still here. It really hurts when they are gone. I still my mother and I hope that she is up there happy and at peace.
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    Nobody can measure every mother has own way to take cakecare of us s to teach us and how we them to descipline us and how to love us. all mother's deserve love and respect.
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    Salute to all the mothers out there!

    True, moms are real superwomen and this kids that God has blessed me are my superpower pills. No one could understand what sacrifice really meant but moms. And, I am forever grateful that I became a mother. For this I learned what unconditional love means.
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    Mom's love can never be compared to anyone's love. Mother will do anything for her child. She can sacrifice in every way she can. Mothers are the strongest woman in the world they can carry all the burdens. They carry all the hard works just for their children. A mother deserves all the respects in the world. Because we will not exist in this world if its not because of our moms. That's why we must love our mother.
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    Motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone else's happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hardest lessons, to do the righteous thing even when you're in doubt, and to forgive yourself for doing a wrong thing. It is taking a risk to give the best of everything you can for the sake of your children and handling the most complex responsibility for their future.
  7. Motherhood is heart. No one can replace the love and care that mothers gave to her child since day one in her womb. Motherhood is a work that no one can compare. A mother can do anything for her family. They carry all the pain and hardworks of being a mother. There's no greater love than a love of a mother.

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