A Mystical Portrait

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    A Mystical Portrait


    I spent my time in painting several attractive sceneries within our vicinity. This is one of the gifts from heaven I’ve discovered since my youngster days. My parents appreciated and loved me much because I am the only fruit of their pristine love. In short, nobody can hamper my needs and wants and everything from my parents is purely mine. That’s really the essence of life if genuine love prevails, as what I’ve understood.

    As many days passed by, I celebrated my grand debut in a very notable place somewhere in San Francisco, California together with my only lass in life named Mystica. I don’t expect the time she came in my life neither in my wild dream nor in my unstable imagination. It seems everything in this world is alright when my heart has fallen in love with her. I enjoyed her companionship as my sister, my chum, my comrade and especially my lover. She is splendid, the reason why she suggested many interesting views to be painted that she thinks I could. Until such time she encouraged me to paint the prettiest woman to whom she never ever meet in life. My dear, after you painted it, just hang it inside your bedroom, she said. That was a thing dared me to go deeper with my ability.

    Though sometimes I felt tedious of painting the portrait, yet, I still exerted my best effort for her to please. I think this will be my greatest achievements in my whole life if I’ll finish it perfectly as I contemplated. But what is mine if I can? Is this because I love Mystica despite the fact that she is fallible aside from the beauty she possesses? This query pestered my mind at that moment. Fortunately, it didn’t matter.

    Until an opportunity comes, I’ve fully done the said portrait nicely, some of my customers wanted to buy it but I explained to them that the portrait has a great value and sentiment in my life and nobody could afford to pay it. Wow, how amazing it is? Mystica acclaimed sincerely at the same time kissed my lips in front of my parents. I really don’t know how to show the joy that I’ve experienced. It seems myself felt effervescent and had something strange than before after I finished the portrait. Is this because I did the thing for what my dear wants? For me, Mystica is a bizarre woman whom I’ve met. She knows my strength and understands my weaknesses. And that’s no reason for me not to love and care even in the midst of gloomy clouds. The love I know has a gut to face various challenges within a relationship, so, nom matter what would happen, she will be the woman who is ineradicable in my memory though a ruthless time will allow the nightmare to depart us. This is the notion I’d learn from her.

    Then after I framed the said portrait, Mystica and I helped each other to hang it on the wall in front of my bedroom. After that, we took our lunch filled with joy through my jest for her not to feel dreary. That was the last memorable day by the two of us. The bliss that we thought undying is inadvertently over.

    At exactly six-thirty in the evening, during my first night with the exquisite portrait hanged on the wall, there was one question came up to my mind as I gazed the portrait. Could you feel an authentic love? This inquisition is baloney knowing the reality, then instantly my mom called me for dinner, yes mom, I replied. When I held the doorknob, abruptly, my cellular phone rung and that was Mystica’s voice who said goodnight my dear and be a good lover to the portrait forever as you keep our relationship stronger, then said, goodbye. Without knowing my tears were fallen from my unconscious and innocent eyes and had a deep breath. I asked for the location where she could be located. Then she answered, I’m now in God’s side. I was not able to move or to react, my feet seemed crippled and my mind troubled. Afterward, the soft voice vanished, then, I shouted a very loud scream calling the name of the woman whom I planned to be with forever. Finally, my mom approached, hugged and comforted me while she elucidated the truth that only Mystica’s parents and she know. Mystica has an incurable illness since young that caused her to pass away early. My world was softened as I’ve found out the hidden tragic which I don’t expect. I cried on the shoulder of my mom as I expressed the longingness to my dreamed woman. So I ran and went to my bedroom and hugged the portrait which may be the souvenir of my lost lover. My eyes filled with the tears as an expression of the pain inside my inner heart. As I looked at the portrait, Mystica’s face revealed and told me not to cry anymore because she will be with me forever. Suddenly, I smelled a different scent inside my room. Thus, the heartaches slowly healed at that time and surely treated me and a fading hope came again alive. The world that I believed melted and indistinct, again, it rebuilds.

    At this existing age, I’ve learned that there are impossible things which could be possible and vice-versa because of the inevitable occurrences that may not be anticipated. Let us just live life to the fullest and learn to accept any wrong undertakings.

    Mystica and portrait are the memories inside my heart who never be disappeared nor be stolen by any instance. So’ I’ll keep them both as a mystical treasure in my uncomplicated world.


    To renew life and give a color of it, everything must be changed and let the sun shines behind the gloomy clouds.

    My family and I decided to stay in Chicago for several months with my father ancestral home. I met different people of a different attitude and mingled them. There was a gorgeous and brilliant woman named aloha, a single daughter also of an elite businessman in Chicago working as a fashion designer in a particular company. She understands my past and tries to encourage me to move on from my old love affair. Our parents are close friends since young, who is why they both motivated us to be married in the near future.

    One day, I exhibited my murals in a very prominent department store in Chicago. I found myself so wonderful because all of my murals were sold and unexpectedly it was through the charm of aloha to convince people attracted with it. In a while, Aloha invited me for dinner in a restaurant with her colleagues and she introduced me as her chum. After all, I went home with her the moment when my parents first noticed me brought with a girl at home and introduced to them. I was really shocked when Aloha told my parents that it’s her birthday and the great gift I gave to her is very simple as she wishes me to introduce her to my parents.

    I left Aloha on the sofa when I went to my bedroom and looked for my beautiful mural. The mural that I hung on the wall was really had tears falling from its eyes. I asked myself why it happened then my mom called me up and told that Aloha is about to go, so, I went out of my room and said Aloha goodbye.

    Months passed by, I and aloha were much closed each other until such time we decided to settle down with the approval from our beloved parents. One night, I dreamed the mural inside my bedroom and confronted me the things I promised to my past Mystica. She mad at me and said, I will not be happy with my new woman in life. Those dreams really pestered my mind every time I and Aloha are together in some instances. A month after our engagement, I did not tell to anybody to visit the cemetery wherein Mystica buried. I cried and asked sorry to break those promises when she was still alive.

    Months ago, a day before our wedding, when I was at my office, I received a call from home and told me that my parents’ car was crushed by a doubled tire cargo vehicle. So, I went to the hospital and checked the condition of my parents. My dad was not really recovered due to the damage of his brain but fortunately, my mom recovered although she cannot move her half body. That day disappointed and impeded our plan to marry within that month.

    The months after the burial of my dad, I, Aloha and Mommy busy for a vacation in one of the sceneries in Chicago. We tried to move on knowing the fact that my mind was bothered due to the bad pasts happened in my life since the beginning. Inside the cottage, Aloha received a call from an anonymous caller and intimidating her to go far away from me. At first, she did not tell me the truth about the messages she knew from the caller but she confessed to me all before we take our dinner. It was another impediment for me and Aloha to pursue our plan.

    Despite the threatening we had experienced, I and Aloha married without any objection from both parties but the first night in our married life we underwent unexpected problems because we saw the hanging mural flying and wanting to kill us while we were sleeping. The mural was at the verge of its anger and telling us to lose our lives forever when we would not separate each other.

    We all did ways to evade from the said terror attack of the mural when Aloha got crucifixion to fight for it. Mom knocked on the door so quickly and astonished when I and Aloha hurriedly open the door. The mural went out of our bedroom and suddenly disappeared.

    Early in the morning, we invited a priest from the city to give us advice on what to do and answer our confused mind. We all found out that a mural was spirited by evil due to the reason of reincarnation by the part of Mystica. We didn’t want to believe but it was true. Thus, we visited the place wherein the burial of Mystica is there for us to ask an apology and permit us to live happily ever after. Then abruptly the mural became visible on the top of the cemented and painted burial of Mystica. It looked so gay when we all heartedly and sincerely asked freedom to be with forever.

    Genuine love never ends though time changes with the blow of a soft air that whispers and wishes to hold someone that cares.
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    Wow, your story is so fictional. I love it much!
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    Thank you so much for your appreciation. I am looking for your piece.

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