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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Cinnamonao, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Cinnamonao

    Cinnamonao New Member

    I am starting a new adventure and trying new things online. I am however, a bit confused on how this process works on this website. I would appreciate if someone could break it down a bit for me! Some pointers on being successful would be awesome as well!
  2. qwerty24

    qwerty24 New Member

    I'm completely new to this kind of things.
    I am portuguese so I think it will be a good experience to improve my English and who knows how to earn some extra money.
  3. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    Hi! I'm new here as well. I just started last week. Are you already done with your 10 posts?
  4. gobbledygook, I just started a few days ago too. Did you already receive a rating? Cause I haven't received mine :(
  5. mmsveloso07

    mmsveloso07 New Member

    Hello, anyone here started having the points but without any ratings yet? I just started last week and been enjoying so far. I do Postlooping on my free time. One article instructed postloopers to do writings on mornings and evenings to earn more points but I haven’t received any ratings so far. I am done with my 10 posts since I have already received the notification that my posts are currently being reviewed and was instructed to wait for 24 hours. It has been two days already and I haven’t received any notifications.
  6. Etaypink1

    Etaypink1 Active Member

    i starting with open my clothes
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  7. kfrianz11

    kfrianz11 New Member

  8. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I still haven't until now. I already emailed them several times but they don't reply at all. I just sent them another email today asking them to delete my account. But I guess that won't happen. There's no point in continuing anyway.

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