A THUMBS UP for all script writers!

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by TitaniaLee, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. TitaniaLee

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    THUMBS UP GUYS! Being a script writer is actually not easy. You will definitely need to pay much time for it. There a lot of things to consider. A script writer should always think on how each and every line should be delivered cleanly. You have to carefully choose the words to use, how should the speaker say it word for word. And I admit sometimes you would do like a simple conversation with you and yourself, seriously. You have to test how it should be expressed. And no matter how I think about it, this one of the craziest task or job but absolutely satisfying when you hear them on stage or TV shows. All the hard works, staying up too late just to have a quiet time to think of good ideas, and everything that lies beyond it, would be truly be replenished with joy after hearing your own script.
    So a THUMBS UP for all of you guys!
  2. Edward Rondyke

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    Yes, I agree, you have to know every aspect of a character before you write them in. Specific details that tell the story of the character so you can put structure in the story, so it makes sense to the audience. Once you know everything about the characters, then you can start writing the story through your script.

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