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  1. Lucienrose

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    What is your stance on abortion? Why?

    If you are pro-life, are there any circumstances where you believe an abortion is okay?
    If you are pro-choice, are there any circumstances where you believe abortion is not okay?

    Where do you stand on abortion in the following scenarios:
    - A mother who is incapable of financially supporting a baby, and cannot afford hospital bills
    - Giving birth will kill the mother
    - The fetus will have many birth defects and have a terrible life
    - The mother is a teenager
  2. Dauskivo

    Dauskivo New Member

    Our life is the greatest gift that God gave us. If I am given a chance to have a baby, even if I am not capable in financing my baby needs, I will continue to make him/her see the world, I will still try my best to be a mother on my baby no matter how hard it is. If giving birth will put me on danger, I don’t care, I will still continue to carry my baby. As I said, that’s a gift that God gave, who am I to kill that gift? If my baby will have many defects and may have a terrible life, still, i want him/her to live. I will make him/her to feel loved even she/he is not normal. If I am a teenager, i will still continue it. It will serve my lesson in life. That’s my mistake not my baby’s. You see, there are many reasons to abort a baby, but just find one reason why you need to continue bringing that baby. Who knows, that baby will be a great president of a country, a successful businessman, the next Miss Universe? Don’t stop the chance for the baby to see world. It is a sin to abort. It is a sin to kill an innocent baby. Have some conscience.
  3. booger

    booger New Member

    This is a pretty sensitive topic and a lot of people have strong opinion about this issue. I think I am half pro-choice and half pro-life. Hang on, before you flip that table on me let me explain myself a bit here. I don't think a woman can get an abortion just because she wants it or that because it's her choice (yes, I took it literally). One example would be that if the mother is a teenager. I don't think being a pregnant teenager can be a valid reason for a woman to get an abortion provided that she was aware of her and her partner's action. That there was no force or any act of coercion that took place when they decided to make a child.

    However, if other unavoidable circumstances such as if a mother's life is at stake, or the baby has been found out to be malformed and may fatally suffer when he/she comes out. I think it will be the mother's call. Again this is only my personal opinion, I can be wrong, I have been wrong many times so if you find this post offensive, I apologize.
  4. MatS-3kmQ

    MatS-3kmQ New Member

    If the mother is a teenager or uncapable of supporting a child, there's always adoption. It's a human life, and it's disgusting to deny that because it's inconvenient for you.

    Birth defects are a more technical matter, but I guess the lack of a spontaneous abortion means a fighting chance for the baby. He should have that chance regardless of what a "terrible life" he would have, or how hard it would be to take care of him.

    If the mother's life is at stake, it's an impossible decision for the parents. Someone will die, and the best we can do is not make things worse.
  5. yasilius

    yasilius New Member

    I believe, if abortion is done on time, at the very beginning of the pregnancy, it would be good for the person and the society. Let's say a mother is to young or in a tough economic situation, or has a mental illness, or the newborn baby will suffer from a disease for the rest of his or her life, In this situation, not only the child and the family, but the whole society has to get involved. So in my view, it will save a huge amount of money and energy for people, to be more cautious about getting pregnant before they have to deal with abortion.
  6. wwaynecox

    wwaynecox New Member

    I think that this is a personal choice so I guess that you'd say that I'm pro-choice BUT, that being said....I would never personally consider it an option.
    I believe that, if you are in a situation where you can't afford to be pregnant then take precautions or abstain. I'm NOT just talking about women...men are just as responsible and should act accordingly.
  7. vonsellner2012

    vonsellner2012 New Member

    I agree with abortion the option should be available but not abused.

    The biggest reason for this is rape has become a very real thing in our lives and I think that a woman should have an option to abort the child if she was rapped. However, some women abuse this and just get abortions everytime they fall pregnant which is wrong.
  8. VainMortal

    VainMortal New Member

    Abortion is child sacrifice to Baal in the past. Life begins at conception. If you argue about Rape to justify abortion then you break the law that prohibits placing the sin of the father to his children for retribution. A man's sin is his alone. To kill his child for his sin is not only immoral but evil. Each life is a miracle, each man is one in a million chance of being him. Unique in everyway. A gift of life from God.
  9. Josemos

    Josemos New Member

    I am entirely pro-choice. A victim could have been raped, which is enough reason in itself, the birth could have health complications on the woman, the birth would induce pressure on society and on a set of people or person who may not be ready enough or financially capable of raising s child and providing a real life for them.
  10. Nino01

    Nino01 New Member

    I believe that every pregnancy should be wanted rather than an excuse saying it happened accidentally. Don't you think this excuse is leading to global warming! I mean the planet Earth is already overpopulated and polluted resulting to natural disaster and unknown diseases which will definitely in the future will be a leading reason behind extinction of humans from the Earth.The main reason behind this is due to unwanted pregnancies. The best solution to control our population is to terminate pregnancies which are unwanted.

    Thank God! We are in the society where we have the technology to control our own reproduction. This has provided us an advantage to control our own body and have babies when you are already to have children by choice not chance.

    Abortion is also an issue of personal choice. People should have access to safe and legal abortion. When we talk about abortion, we have to face various questions which are linked with social, cultural and religious sentiments. However, the people who arguing about abortion never think a woman who has to face numerous difficulties to decide and go for termination on her own choice. It's her body and she has all control on her body which is her human right, then the choice to terminating her unwanted pregnancy, ultimately, needs to be her.
  11. Liezel24

    Liezel24 New Member

    Most abortion users today are young people who are early pregnant for various reasons.

    There are young people today who use abortion because they get pregnant while they are not ready, their parents do not want to know that they are pregnant, they are still too young to become pregnant and to become parent and they are in no way able to develop and raise a family .

    I think this is all happening to young people because youths have no discipline, lacking in sermon and guidance of their parents, do not know how to use protection during sex, and above all have their bad influence friends. Due to the fact that the future of youth has been destroyed and dreams that can’t be fulfilled.

    Sometimes around the youths even though they know that they are misbehaving they are trying to do, they do not think that if they do, whether or not it will be a good result.
  12. AWoodlock

    AWoodlock New Member

    I recently voted in a referendum which resulted in allowing abortions in Ireland.
    There have been many cases where mothers have passed away due to medical complications where women were denied correct procedures as it would've resulted in aborting a child.
    There has also been many cases of rape including rapes of minors where the women and youths were forced to deliver a child which they did not want nor consent to.
    While there are many strong arguments on both the pro-life and pro-choice side, women should not be denied access to correct and safe health care.
    Prior to the the referendum, many women have died due to taking illegal abortion tablets or were left seriously ill, and many women were prosecuted for illegally aborting children.
    No woman should be denied her own rights to her body.
    While I personally will not have an abortion. I chose not to deny the safe access to a woman who may need one.
  13. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

    I agree. I myself would rather take the responsibility to have the baby make it to full term, assuming the baby would come out healthy and sound, and raise it myself if the mother could not. However, I chose not to deny safe access to a woman who may need one. It's their body and their CHOICE.
  14. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

  15. pintado2001

    pintado2001 New Member

    I'm a pro life. Abortion is not okay for me. My excuses on those who are holding a contradictory view.

    Children will always be a blessing no matter how they are made.
  16. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

    To some, they are not. So just give them the choice to terminate their own young.

    Think about it. They would GREATLY help in reducing population and provide extra space for your blessed children to occupy in this world of ours. ;):D:devil:

    The more children you have the more blessed you are.png

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  17. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

    And for the anti-abortion men who keep on shagging their wives but disdain responsibility and child support....

    against abortion have a vasectomy.jpg
  18. patokar

    patokar New Member

    I used to be pro choice 20 years ago when I was younger and convinced that abortion was a women's health issue. The biggest lie that Planned Parenthood has perpetuated onto the American public is that abortion has anything to do with healthcare for women or that their services help women. Sure, they perform paps and some exams. But they offer zero treatment for any woman who has a medical issue. If you are a Planned Parenthood patient and plan to keep your baby, they tell you to take a hike. Wait. Isn't prenatal care a women's health issue? Of course it is. But that is not part of their business model. Planned Parenthood is in business to perform abortions.

    I believe defending abortion is very 1973 and antiquated. Back then, women were told they had a "clump of cells" in their wombs (a myth that lives on today) and a lot of women smoked and drank alcohol during their pregnancies. They ate whatever they wanted and didn't care what they were being exposed to.

    Not only is that different today as pregnant women take better care of themselves, but we also have advanced ultrasound technology. Have you seen a 4D sonogram recently? It is incredible! There is absolutely no doubt that what you see inside the womb is a human. There has been a trend of more support toward the pro-life movement and I believe it has less to do with religion and more to do with the advancement of technology that clearly shows a living growing person inside a womb.
  19. myDive8

    myDive8 New Member

    I dont agree with abortion, i'm pro-life not pro-choice, we should all respect life.
  20. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    I salute those women who chose not to get an abortion because they're aware it's a sin in the eyes of God and people. Being responsible with our action is necessary. If you think you still can't afford to have a baby, then please, I beg you, use protection. Having and raising a kid is a tough and a lifetime job. You have to be emotionally, physically and financially ready. Because if not, the kid will just suffer. But, having an abortion is not the best way to get out of it because your conscience will always and forever bother you.
  21. HanniBanni

    HanniBanni New Member

    Speaking of abortion, the man also has a responsibility, but he should not make pressure on the woman to give birth or have an abortion. Children are the greatest blessing, but there are countless examples of women who do not deserve to be called mothers. If she is not able to take care of the child, labor it or she does not want the child to come into this world, believe me, it is better to make an abortion. On the other side, we live in a world where we are well-informed about how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Who are we to not give a child the right to live because of our mistakes or our recklessness (except in cases like rape).
  22. rextrip

    rextrip Member

    Abortion simply inflicts another level of violence on innocent child conceived. Even if a baby will die shortly after she is born, what is a more civilized response — to hold and love her in the short time she has on this earth, or cut her apart with a vacuum curettage machine. whatever, I think that is inhuman and is not nice at all.
  23. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    We can say abortion is not right not unless a mother or a child in her womb is in danger that a family member has to make a difficult decision. In cases like that we can say abortion is acceptable but if it only made just for fun, just to escape the responsibility or just to avoid certain issues then definitely abortion is not right and it can never be right and acceptable in that issue. Proper education is a must especially for young individual nowadays who are exposed on pre-marital sex without having proper knowledge about pregnancy. Teenager nowadays get involve their selves on pre-marital sex without knowing first their selves and their monthly periods on what really happens to their bodies at that moment. They also don't know yet on what responsibility means. Awareness is very important so that pregnant woman would not go into abortion immediately especially the young ones. No to abortion.

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