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  1. Robert Rise

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    You know this story. Boy meets girl and falls in love. He has no time for homework when there are dates to organize and love songs to write. So the boy falls behind in classes and goes online in search of help. He orders a paper from the first site Google suggests, and there the troubles begin. The website disappears the next day, or the writing he gets is riddled with typos and errors, unreadable. In the worst cases, the paper raises red flags at Turnitin for being 100% plagiarized, and the boy gets expelled. The girl dumps him, for he has no future, and he lives out his life in misery.

    We don’t want you to repeat this mistake and entrust your future to scam sites. Speedypaper uses another rule book to ensure you get trustworthy, high-quality and personalized service every time you order a paper from us. Each piece of writing is created from scratch with your requirements in mind to secure the highest grades for you.
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    It's important to stay on task. But, if you are ever facing something like what you described, it's best to start your assignments as early as possible. I know there have been plenty of college students that have purchased an essay online. Mainly, they are looking for a quick way out of their assignments. Generally, this can take a toll on a writer finding their true purpose in writing as a class. For that purpose, it's great to meet up with classmates and get ideas. That way, you will find another idea that you can use for your paper or essay.

    Plagiarism is a serious issue in college. Everyone wants good grades to move toward having a certificate, diploma, or degree. But, there's no one that really wants to write a huge paper unless you love writing. I have personally gotten ideas from other sources, but I try my best to choose words that haven't been used or rearrange my words to say what I read but in my own way. Sometimes, I use a thesaurus to find other words that mean the same. It can truly help you get a sense of what you need to convey as a writer. Also, it keeps you from repeating verbatim. Writing is different from speaking. In a lot of cases, people say the same words in the same context. Particularly, it could be about a totally different topic. But with writing, you have to choose what you want to say wisely. It can be a challenge, but that is what a thesaurus is for. I have looked up plenty of words on the Internet that means the same and have used them in my writing. It gives you a better vocabulary. I'm glad to know that there are certain websites that will help you find out if you are an authentic writer.

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