Action or comedy?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Mikejanis, May 26, 2019.


Which you prefer?

  1. Action

  2. Comesy

  1. Mikejanis

    Mikejanis New Member

    Maybe i choose comedy it makes me happy and makes me so brightfull because always smiling will boost your mind relax.comedy movies perfect to me.
  2. Kiyen96

    Kiyen96 Member

    For me i prefer for action movie. I don't know why but when i'm watching action movies it's feel relaxing seeing blood while there fighting, looking for there stunt. because action movie always make the lead cast bully at first but have a come back at end.. love that way ^_^ .
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  3. arunkm001

    arunkm001 New Member

    I choose action movie when these two categories are on the shelf. Because I like to watch and learn the fight tricks from the movies and the styles following every actor. My favorite movie is "The Transporter". The performance of Jason Statham in the movie was fabulous. I prefer to watch that type of fight scenes which is in high speed and tricky.

    I also like the fight of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan fights at the best tricky modes he can at the situation.
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  4. Jeloop23

    Jeloop23 New Member

    I prefer to watch comedy because it would be better to laugh sometimes. Though action movies are exciting, comedy is a kind of relaxing time for your mind and a stress relieving. I used to watch Chris Parley movies over and over again because for me he is such a funny guy that makes my day happy. Nowadays, we have lots of choices to choose from,what matter most is we enjoy what we watch.
  5. carbs16

    carbs16 Member

    I don't like to choose, i prefer both lol, there's a movie that have a Action-Comedy like Rush Hour that's my one of my favorite old movie with Jackie Chan
  6. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    I love comedy. Make me happy
  7. devincci

    devincci Member

    I like comedy than action. Comedy makes you laugh that it is also good to our body it also affects our mind that make our all day positive. It will make you happy and give your day a good one, even though you're not in the mood, once you watch something that is comedy, it will change your mood to a happy one.
  8. pintado2001

    pintado2001 New Member

    Hard choice. I will go for comedy when life is beating you up. Action when you feel aggressive and you want to hit back.
  9. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    Why choose when you can enjoy both? Two words.
    Jackie Chan!!!!!
  10. Rinkukrksth

    Rinkukrksth Member

    I like action film better than comedy. Sometimes I watch comedy also. I entertainment by actions and watch it. When I watch action, I feel aggressive that time.
  11. becaro122

    becaro122 New Member

    I prefer comedy over action,it gives me a good laugh and brightens up my day.
  12. Pacats23

    Pacats23 New Member

    I like action most of the time because it just reminds you to keep a good fight in life.
  13. Rexcydlp

    Rexcydlp New Member

    I like comedy than action movies, because watching movies that make you laugh is actually good for you. Stress experts are chiming in on the positive health benefits of laughter – and as it turns out, a good two-hour movie, especially if you’re sharing the comedy with others, may be the most upbeat and enjoyable therapy yet.

    We all know how we feel after a good laugh. There’s the emotional pleasure of having fun, especially at someone else’s expense. Laughing also causes positive things to happen in our heads and bodies, such as reducing stress hormones and increasing our level of endorphins, which help build up immunity to disease.

    Funny moments are also worth sharing with friends and family. Putting everyone around you in a positive mood reduces their stress levels and creates an atmosphere that is friendly and enjoyable.
  14. mwania

    mwania New Member

    Ill pick a good comedy over a great action TV show.
  15. kroark95

    kroark95 New Member

    It depends on what kind of mood I'm in, but in general I tend to go for comedies over action shows. Action shows are good sometimes, but when I want a distraction that'll take me away from the real world and all my worries for a while, it's got to be comedy. It's hard to find much to laugh at these days, so I'll take anything I can get, to be honest.
  16. AngKool27

    AngKool27 Member

    it depends on the story sometimes there are comedy movies that arent funny and sometimes there are action movie that arent cool,..
  17. Miallie23

    Miallie23 New Member

    It depends on the screen I'm watching on. I love watching action movies on the big screen, that way I can really appreciate the movie's animation, special effects, battle or combat choreography for slick moves. Aside from that there's so much details and hard work put into action movies such as the actors' training to be fit to do the stunts like building muscle and stamina, custom equipment made just for the movie to support special effects.

    While I prefer watching comedy on the computer or the television. I love comedy movies because they make me laugh so hard and is a great stress reliever. It's great to pop a comedy movie when I have friends over that way we can talk about the memorable humor even when the movie is finished.

    The best movie would be action-comedy, that's hitting two birds with one stone lots of angst and laughable plots!
  18. 01356manish

    01356manish New Member

    I like watching action movies because of the stunts which are dangerous and require a lot of practice to perfect and advance CGI experience used in some movies.Despite having the same theme i.e. the good guy beating the bad guy and establishing a sense of karmic justice,action movies find new and innovative ways to defeat the bad guy , which is a very entertaining experience for me .In time action movies keep bettering them self by adding more details to make the movies more authentic with the help of CGI,these detail addition just enhances the viewing experience for me .It seems a perfect combination of technology and human agility .
  19. maxtorbz20

    maxtorbz20 New Member

    Most of the time, I prefer action rather than comedy. I mean, I really enjoy watching action movies.
  20. JuliaFB

    JuliaFB New Member

    I prefer an action-comedy. I think it refreshes feeling make people laugh. Crime action movies and horror movies are not healthy for our minds. I never watch talk show comedy because I don't find it funny. Movie producers should produce quality movies that make people smile.
  21. Thiagosouzacont

    Thiagosouzacont New Member

    Comedy, always comedy. The most action movies are very unrealistic and that discourages me a lot. I prefer a good comedy to relax and laugh a little bit.
  22. nheilm2020

    nheilm2020 Member

    I prefer to watch an action movie rather than a comedy. An action movie invites me to be a part of the story. Of course, I wanna be a partner of the protagonist.
  23. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    I love both, but this time I'll go for comedy. This past few days of my life everything doesn't work the way I want it to be. "Laughter is the best medicine",so whenever I remember how things went wrong, I decided to watch comedy it makes me forget my problem at least in a certain moment. Life is so difficult so I decided to just go with the flow, have fun on every moment and just enjoy the show then watch comedy show.
  24. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    Comedy because it will make me laugh and forget something that's bothering me. Laughter is the best medicine so comedy is much better!
  25. royalinvidia

    royalinvidia New Member

    Is it just me that finds that action movies/shows have a lot less rewatch value than comedy? Comedy done well is something you can revisit time and time again when you need a laugh, but action flicks don't seem to have the same appeal...
  26. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    @royalinvidia @Jeloop23 @Mia09 I whole heartily agree Comedy films are an amazing way to relax and enjoy yourself. I too pick Comedy over Action to watch. Laughter is good for you doctors recommend it, but not only the physical benefits you can rewatch and find something new you didn't see the first time around or the comedy film just still enjoyable.

    Not that I am not interested in Action, I feel that recently the action movies are more for being shocking and disgusting, than an entertaining narrative that is in anyway thought provoking, more violence provoking.
    To switch off or a mindless gaze at the TV an action movie always wins.
    I think if there where Action movies made with a more of a story line and well written characters are worth a watch once. Action movies are more non committal because you do not get the time or narrative to invoke you to invest in the action film and the characters. I guess I like to commit and submerge myself into a film or movie and comedy can be non committal however the end result for me is joy and that is easily forgiven if the story line is trash. Most comedy I have watched is immersive so I happily dive in to the story.
  27. younglungu

    younglungu Member

    the tv show entertainment is becoming pefact
  28. jjmontero

    jjmontero Member

    It depends with the trailer. If it is worth my time then I watch it but if it is not then I don't
  29. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    What about both? Isn't it better for a super hero to save all the world and in the end he/she makes you laugh? And for me almost all the comedy movies have some action.
  30. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I love action movies the most than comedy. I find it very entertaining and satisfying to watch from time to time. I even watched them over and over again. Movies make me relax from the boredom that I get from work. While on the other hand, comedy makes me smile indeed. But, things are simply different from my mood or rather it depends on the time that I consider watching movies.

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