Advantages of Computers Now a days

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Shane1992, Jul 7, 2018.

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    First, email was introduce to rely message to other using the power of world wide web. You can receive and send it in just a matter seconds not like before if you want to send letter you will need to go on the post office and it may take 3-5 days to be received by the receiver or much worst that the post man might lost your letter or couldn't find the address of your reciever..It is more convinient having an email rather than the traditonal letter specially for the business man or woman that needs a urgent reply from their receiver of the message to make deal with something business matters. Secondly,social media like Facebook many people use this application if you are using a smartphone or a computer to send message to your love ones or friends in a far location rather than sending a text message via sms that could cost a lot of money per message on both parties.for me technology now a days more convinient rather than those past years..its very important and cheap cost for the people in global to access the internet.
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    One of the overwhelming advantages of the computer lies in its very necessity. Computer technology and use is of critical importance. Its ability for communication and storing data would represent another advantage. If connected to the internet, its ability to obtain resources would be another attribute. Along with data collection, the computer features different methods and manners to present this data, which makes it advantageous to the user. The disadvantages are going to be difficult to articulate because computers have become such a mainstay in our existence. I think that one disadvantage would be our dependence on them. Computers are now needed for so much, we have a natural dependence on them. This proves to be disastrous when individuals have their computers lost or stolen, or when identity theft, a concoction of computers, happens to individuals.
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    Computers offer a number of advantages, including giving users the ability to quickly and easily store and process data, allowing for the digitization of things like photographs, music, movies, and books. When connected to the Internet, computers allow users to near-instantly communicate with people all over the world and to access a vast amount of information, resources, and entertainment. Computers are also invaluable in running programs designed to aid in research of all kinds.

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