Alkaline eating....not diet...but change of lifestyle

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    Otto Warburg, MD was the man who discovered the cause of cancer. Please take a moment to research his name and read the findings that he made. He wrote " No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment." Dr. Otto Warburg won the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize for discovering what causes cancer. Acidic foods can feed cancer and other diseases which cause many of us to become more and more ill each year. What we eat is very important to the well being of our lives. Changing how you think about food is the first step and then making a physical change to actually eat different for a better way of living and for longevity is the final step.

    Dr. Sebi, Alfred Bowman, and one of my mentors gave many lectures on how we eat , we will either heal ourselves or kill ourselves through foods. Dr. Sebi was over 80 years old and could still drop to his knees and jump right back up as if he was a teen. He had the strength of an ox, and although he did not have formal education he was wise and a very humble and loving individual. I affectionately call him Baba Sebi because he felt like family to me. I learned so much from him , starting with Alkaline environment, and the importance of creating healthy eating habits for longevity and great quality of life. Water , spring water from the mountains is alkaline , you dont need to add anything , mother Earth has provided all we really need. However, as Dr. Sebi would often say we try to make things more complex because we feel there should be some struggle in order to achieve , but this is not always the case. If we change to alkaline eating, we will feel better, live better , live longer and more importantly spread love.

    Don't take my words and information of the two people who impacted my life for the better words for it; research it , change your mind, and try alkaline, your life may depend on it. Peace and Blessings. Dr. Sebi 1.jpg Dr. Otto.jpg
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    Disease thrives in an acidic environment. Cancer cells can not reproduce in an Alkaline environment. Many people live a lifestyle high in acidic consumption and toxins. I have been a huge fan of Kangen Water Purification systems from the moment I tasted the water. Food is Medicine, but we are also primarily made up of water, and even to this day researchers are mystified by the H20 molecule and its behaviors, as demostrated in a great Ted Talk - TEDxGuelphU with Dr. Gerald Pollack - Feel free to contact me to learn more about Kangen Water and improving your Health now.
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    I definitely need to learn more about which foods contribute to an alkaline environment. Ever since i heard about how sicknesses cannot exist in an alkaline environment, I've been fascinated by the concept of curing myself of ailments via exercise and diet. Holistic medicine and lifestyle therapy seem to be the way of the future and i definitely look forward to being a part of it.

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