Alone in the woods

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    It is on on a Friday evening and I come home from school disappointed in myself, disappointed in my being alive at this moment, disappointed that I even hapoen to exist in this world.
    My mathematics teacher came to class and called me a fool, he said that I did not deserve to be taught by a professional like him. He said am such a disappointment and kicked me out of his class. He told me to see the principal at once and inform him I am unable to perform in my mathematics class. The principal sends me home for the day and tells ne to work on my understanding before reporting to school the next day.
    I pick my bag and run home to explain to my parents what just happened to me in school. I am too late since the headteacher already called them and explained the whole situation. I find them in their bedroom arguing about how much of a disappointment I have been since I existed. They even stated that I was a mistake and never meant to happen.
    I run to the woods to find myself. I am too hurt and cannot think of anything else other than correcting the mistake I am. I think of a rope, the river and the mountain and I cannot decide which one to use. A giraffe appears from behind me and tells me it is going to be okay. He tells me that I cannot correct that mistake by committing another terrible mistake of ending my life. He tells me that I have purpose for existence that none else can live upto that purpose. Hence I decide to get up and fight that dying spirit and live upto me.

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