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    The qualifications that gave you a job is the same qualifications someone else has but doesn't have a job.
    Be grateful

    The man who officiated your wedding, blessed your marriage and today you have children is the same man who officiated and blessed others' marriages but they are still looking for the fruit of the womb and some eventually ended up with a divorce.
    Be grateful.

    The prayer God answered for you is the same prayer others have been saying without success yet.
    Be grateful.

    The road you use safely on a daily basis is the same road many others died on.
    Be grateful.

    The place which you worship and God blessed you is the same place other people worship in but their lives are still in strife & tension.
    Be grateful.

    The bed you used in the hospital, got healed and discharged is the same bed many other people died on.
    Be grateful.

    The conditions you went through and came out alive, hundreds have gone through it this year alone and they are dead and forgotten.
    Be grateful.

    The same rain that made your field produce good crops is the same rain that destroyed someone's field.
    Be grateful.

    Be grateful because whatever you have is not by your power, your might, or your qualifications, but rather by the Grace and Will of Almighty God
    Always Be grateful.

    Be *Grateful*to God for all He has done and for those yet undone?​


    I try to *always be Grateful to God Almighty,* that's why I'm sharing this with you.​
  2. I'm always be grateful and thankful to God for everything. he is always there for me whenever I need him. he gives me strength to face all of my problems. I have what I need. I have my friends to support me all the way. there is always a reason to be grateful and thankful because I have my life to enjoy it to the fullest. wherever I go God is always there to protect and take care of me. I appreciate things even if it is small and people around me, who is always there for me.
  3. marcbarredo13

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    We should be grateful for everything we have, everything we faced, everything we have experience or we should be grateful to anything in life. We are lucky in most aspects of ways that people do not know like waking up and having another chance to live throughout the day, the healthy foods that we have on our tables, our family and friends who are always there in times of happiness and sorrow and many more. By being grateful to everything, our blessings will be double thus we will have more resources for ourselves and for those who are socially inclined.
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    Gratification even to the smallest accomplishments you attain. Being thankful that you are alive and having to see the beauty of living. The luxury of giving back to the society that we live in. To appreciate the people that surround us. Always being grateful to a lot of things and events that happen to us grants us the vision to see life in a more distinctive way.
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    Yes always be grateful what you have right now. Learn to be how to appreciate what you have. Not everyone have a life like yours.
  7. Sammij18

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    Yes, I agree. Being grateful is a great practice and helps with positive thinking. If you are only thinking negatively it can make you see only the bad. When you are grateful and only focus on the good, I believe more good will come to you.
  8. Warren1967

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    There was a time when all I can think of were things that I didn't have. I failed to be grateful for the things that I do have. What is worse is that I always complained. I learned that you should be always be grateful and thank the Lord above. The fact that I am still alive is something I should be grateful for.
  9. quercitron

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    By being grateful regularly, you respect others and the people around you would perceive you as a person worthy of their respect in return.
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    Always be grateful to each and everyone, the appreciation of kindness. Value and respect other opinions and be thankful for the things we have in life. Take time to thank the people that surround you, be kind tot the words that warmed the hearts of others. Listen to what others to say, ask anything that you can do to show gratitude. Recognize something on someone has done for you.
  11. dtortal71

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    Thank you for share! I am always grateful for what I have. There will always be someone else who is in a worst situation than you are. Whenever you feel ungrateful, pause for a minute and think about where you are today. If you have a way to make money, have people in your life that love you, food to eat, and able to breathe on your own...then be grateful to God of what you have.
  12. Elsa77

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    Being grateful doesn't just mean saying "thank you", it means much more. It is not just good manners or common sense, it is something that most have forgotten to give, instead it asks from others that something without hesitation. It's about respect.
  13. zae25

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    feeling thankful can improve your health in both direct and indirect ways...Gratitude doesn't always need to be focused on what other people have done for you ​
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    Always be grateful in everything because there is no family who can’t eat 3 times a day, there is a person who cant walk, there is a person who cant hear. Thats why be greatful for what you have.
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    I agree to this without any doubt on my mind. We have to be always grateful for what we have. Starting from the day we were born and the fact that we are still here and we have all the chance to do something we want. There is power with gratitude! So make your life meaningful. Live everyday without complaints. Just enjoy the little things.

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