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What OS do you prefer?

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  2. iOS

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  1. johnsanity

    johnsanity New Member

    Android or iOS

    I used both and i can say that Android gives me more control on what i want and how to use my phone. Currently using a S7 edge and planning to get the Note 8.

    I understand that there are other OS(Blackberry OS, Windows OS, etc) out there but these two are the widely use

    I know that there is no better OS, each have PROS and CONS so guys what do you prefer?
  2. npfaile

    npfaile New Member

    I know there must be pros to using an iPhone, but I've always been an android user. I never really got into apple products in the first place. As someone who plays a lot of PC games and likes to be able to customize my phone and computer I would say that apple is just not for me. I feel like they're the fisher-price of phones, made for people who don't understand technology. I might be a little over the top there, but I can't see myself ever owning an apple product.
  3. For me i prefer android, my first reason is that there are application that are not available in ios that is available at android, yet i have both of the android and ios but still i preffer android has a lot of specs that can offer. Ios has a lot specs also that android have like i cloud finger print scanner and a very clear camera but ios it not really accessable to to your computer you neet their program and software to open the ios system.
  4. Sheena Abines

    Sheena Abines New Member

    I prefer Android because everything is much accessible.Android allows you to use external storage from an SD card inserted into the phone or a USB card reader, a USB-powered storage device like a thumb drive or hard drive and network mounted storage as part of the file system. Plug a thing in or connect to a service and the OS creates everything needed to make it available, much like your laptop does with its own location in the file system. IOS can connect to things like cameras for photo transfer, but it's a one-way connection and only certain devices are supported.
  5. Albert Isip

    Albert Isip New Member

    I preder android because there are many wonderful features the we can get from using android devices. First, sd card can be inserted to androids that can improve the storage space of our device. Second, there are many things that we can get for free in android than in Ios. The exmples of these are the apps. Lastly, Ios has higher security system than android that the ios devices is harder in processing the hacks than in android devices
  6. Eymgrace

    Eymgrace New Member

    I use android and have never experienced ios. Therefore, I like android more. I can't say anything about ios, that's why.
  7. Android phone is much better it's easy to navigate, you can share photo, video's and music to your friends. I'm not saying that I don't like iPhone. I tried to use it but it's not a friendly user device and also the internal storage is fix, it's an exclusive device that you can only listen music thru iTunes and download some application thru apple store. while on the other hand you can download anything from android device. The cons is your expose to viruses when you download stuff from untrusted site. You can also modify a lot of thing in android device. Well it will still depend on the user as we all know but for me I vote android.
  8. xxpatrickguevara

    xxpatrickguevara New Member

    Choosing between Android and Ios really depends on personal preference and budget. Both operating systems have their pros and cons. I have been an Ios user for almost 8 years, and what i really liked about it is that iOS is such a secure operating system. Ios essentially keeps any virus or malware from infecting your phone. Additionally, Apple has integrated theft prevention software into the operating system, which makes it easy to track where your iPhone goes if it's stolen. As for Android, what I really liked about it is has features that are not present it an iOS, needless to say that android phones are far more flexible. And next is that you can have and android operating system in different phones not just samsung as for iOS it is only limited to apple. So for me, android has the edge here.
  9. Sam A

    Sam A New Member

    I have always had Android up until about a year ago I switched to iOS. I personally prefer iOS, but both systems have their pros and cons. I like that Apple has a much cleaner look, but I also enjoyed that Android was more of a computer in your hand. You could do so much in an Android phone versus an iPhone unless you jailbreak the iPhone. I am not familiar with the newest android operating system update, but I am aware that Apple has recently implemented an SOS technology, if you are in danger there is a certain combination of button pressing (I'm not entirely sure what buttons exactly) and it sends an alert to your emergency contact.
  10. Akimisha Reid

    Akimisha Reid New Member

    O prefer Android over IOS because android is much user friendly and easy to transfer files from other different android brand of phones unlike IOS iy cannot be transfer files through android because it is on compatible for ios to ios only.
  11. Dlankulit

    Dlankulit New Member

    I prefer Android. I find it easier to use an android device than IOS. I also think that Android is generally better and lets you use your device with full control. It has more settings that you can enable or disable at will. My android phone has this double-tap feature which wakes the screen instead of pressing the power button (cool feature). It is also compatible with most devices and accessories, and has more nice games to download on the Play Store. My kids have an Android and an IOS tablet but they prefer to use the first because it has a game they like which is not in the IOS tablet. Android device is also cheaper, you just need to choose a brand that is known and tested for its quality.
  12. maileen6582

    maileen6582 New Member

    I think when it comes to user friendliness I would prefer an Android phone, but when it comes to speed I would choose an iOS. I've had both and they can equal each others capacity but when it comes to budget Android is much better. But over all I'd vote for an iOS. Classy, productive, easy and nice camera.
  13. Mark Osias

    Mark Osias New Member

    Android for someone who loves to tinker with their phones. Customization and creation is unlimited to Android devices. Ios for those who are simple users of smartphones who just want to make their lives a little more easier because of the help it gives.
  14. Judge02

    Judge02 New Member

    Android all the way . First I like android because of availability of the apps. Secondly i like the feature of android and the fact that you feel freedom . lastly is the price we all know that the android is much cheaper than ios product.
  15. AlfRMO

    AlfRMO New Member

    As good and simlpe iOS might be i have to go with Android, because it provides me with a lot more freedom and customization over many features of the phone that really make you feel the difference when you get an iPhone in your hands. From the simple task of changing your background picture or adding some apps to seriously getting into the phone's most advanced configuration android provides the closest to absolute freedom where iOS limits you in certain ways. If you're not looking to get deep into the phone settings and just want a fast and good looking phone then you might want to go with iOS but personally i think you can get a phone just as good with a lot more freedom for a much better price with an android.
  16. jaelle

    jaelle New Member

    it depends on a person needs. apple is easy to use but your action is limited like you cant download files, musics, videos etc. from its browser you can only download music for paying it on itunes while android is a user friendly it is like a mini computer for me because i can do lot of things like from i a computer and you are free to download whatever you want for free on its browser.
  17. Pastor Albano Jr

    Pastor Albano Jr New Member

    I prefer android because you have more control on file management and the user interface is very customizable. And Google's integration is a big plus for me because I use a lot of google services like gmail, calendar, contacts, drive etc.
    Almost all of my data is backed up on Google's ecosystem.
  18. Von Plana

    Von Plana New Member

    I have both of them but I prefer the android. First reason is that android has applications that are not available in ios.
    Second reason is that android has a lot capabilities and specs that are not available in ios but ios is very unique, they have their own applications and designs. Third reason is that android is easy to use than ios. Still it depends on the person or the user which is the best for them.
  19. Maldita

    Maldita New Member

    Android for me, more user friendly, a lot cheaper than IOS phones but still get the best quality
  20. greystoke08

    greystoke08 New Member

    I'm a former android user and i had nothing bad to say to android os. It served me well and definitely provided the flexibility and versatility of being in control of your device. But since i got my iphone the world has changed. IOS delivers a more user friendly interface. By simply swiping a finger can navigate through the device. IOS provides simple but innovative mobile experience. The only negative about it is its price compared to other devices. Nevertheless its all worth it.
  21. bryantkobe24

    bryantkobe24 New Member

    Android phone is the best! Very functionable and flexible for all of us and those who like Iphone out there think about to choose between these two OS cause if you think deeply the specification of these two,ANDROID is more way up than Iphone. Thus, If you are a gamer you should buy Android not Iphone for what reason? Most of games in Iphone need to purchase meaning to say you need to buy it for you to play it,is it good or not? So people out there great specifications,good quality,great camera and affordable price,you must buy android.
  22. In fairness to Apple, IOS is one of the best OS I every encounter. Very smooth and fast OS in the world, it can run low end hardware cell phone without a lag . The only problem with that is IOS is not for everybody. You need to buy apps for everything, music, movies, etc. And the other issue is you can't run program and apps to other OS like windows and android. That the cons of having an OS like IOS. While android can run on any OS available in the market. And the apps are almost free. For me Android is the best OS suits for me.
  23. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    I'm surprised to see the vote 15-1, but at the same time I wouldn't expect differently from a PC crowd.

    I grew into the mobile world with iOS, but about four years ago I moved onto Samsung Galaxies and haven't turned back then.

    I'm starting to consider going back to iOS. With the new iPhone X announcement, that time might be now.
  24. Jerson Escorrido

    Jerson Escorrido New Member

    For now i prefer to use android i have knowledge with that even though i also want to try ios, but for me im enjoying using android because of my personality because i want to do something easily on arranging and customizing my phone by designing it thru downloading some applications that can help to improve the features of my phone.
  25. warrior27

    warrior27 New Member

    I prefer Android because it is customizable. You can install your own launcher and choose a variety of themes. Another is that the Android has a file system. I can store and manage any file type I want which you cannot do in iOS. Also, most devices in Android has an expandable storage which is a big plus to me. It can handle large files so you can move your media files especially nowadays 1080p and 4k videos are the common format for videos. Google services and apps integration is another feature that I really love. All your data are automatically backed up in your Gmail account so if you are upgrading to a new device, just sign in your existing Gmail.
  26. glennmiles031

    glennmiles031 New Member

    I had been an Android user for over 5 years now and I'd say I've never had the slightest problem with my device. I love how user friendly it is, the way you can customized and the fact that the storage is expandable. I also love the apps and themes that you can only use on android devices. Given the demand and competition on the market for android phones and gadgets we can expect more features and upgrade from android companies. They now even compete with sleek designs and premium phone features for affordable prices. Not to mention those adorable and cool accessories from various android stores are a plus to get yourself one of these awesome android devices.
  27. jetz2132

    jetz2132 New Member

    For me Android gives more freedom of customization and personalisation, you are able to customize easily. You can also use multiple app markets like Google Play, Amazon Apps store, Opera app store and many others. iOS gives you closed environment within its Apple Store and iTunes with no possibility to customize it, in any way. Google has chosen Android in the past so I do not see a single reason why they should choose iOS.
  28. ignaciojp08

    ignaciojp08 New Member

    android is much better to use as my experience because of freeware , they have playstore and almost of their apps are free. It is also easy to navigate and virus free.
    ios , actually i never use ios .but based on what i review and also from my friends said. ios is very secured although the hardware parts are secured. the store of ios is not free.
  29. joseph000

    joseph000 Member

    I prefer Android because everything is much accessible.Android allows you to use external storage from an SD card inserted into the phone or a USB card reader, a USB-powered storage device like a thumb drive or hard drive and network mounted storage as part of the file system. Plug a thing in or connect to a service and the OS creates everything needed to make it available, much like your laptop does with its own location in the file system. IOS can connect to things like cameras for photo transfer, but it's a one-way connection and only certain devices are supported.

    But I vote for IOS, because I like to have iPhone.
  30. Jhan2013

    Jhan2013 New Member

    I opt to use Android. it's user friendly and you have instant access to tons of applications in google play rather to iOS which i believe has a market edge in terms of security of personal information is concerned. you can't just easily transfer files unless it's with the same operating system. but Overall, Android works best for my lifestyle.

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