Android or iOS???

Discussion in 'Books' started by abegailtangara, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. abegailtangara

    abegailtangara New Member

    Android or iOS???
  2. Mixki1

    Mixki1 New Member

    I know that I should say iOS...But something inside of me just can't bring myself to fully drink the Apple juice! Don't get me wrong, I fully use Apple products in my creative work life. But there's just something so bumblingly cute and comforting to me about Android, that I just can't do without it!
  3. Mily92

    Mily92 New Member

    I say iOS! I was an android user for years! But then after my mom switched cell providers they gave our fam a special deal with iOS phones. I was upset about it at first because I was so anti-apple ( for probably no reason, maybe only because it was cool to hate on apple.) but honestly, once I held that first apple phone in my hand, felt that sleek texture and saw that bright screen and experienced the ridiculously super user friendly interface, I was hooked! Plus everyone I know has iOS devices so iMessage is fun and game pidgeon is an entertaining way to kill time with friends when you can't hang out. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to android.
  4. kshy119

    kshy119 New Member

    Android for the win! You have more storage, thanks to SIM cards. You also have Google Assistant that can link up to a Google Home. You have other "Google" apps like Google Keep, Google Calendar, etc. With Android, you also have more hardware options. You can have an LG phone, a Samsung phone, a Moto phone, or another brand. With iOS, you can only use Apple phones, and that's very limiting.

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