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  1. ShubhamKaushik

    ShubhamKaushik New Member

    What do you prefer the most Android or ios.i was an ios user but just shifted to android. So according to you what is the best?

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  2. Grance

    Grance Member

    For me i prefer android because if the topic is battery life i bet to android since im a ios user before i have a experience of fast draining of battery persentage so i switch to android and some of the application in ios is not free.
  3. Niloy0

    Niloy0 Member

    Hello, I like Android, because the battery life of Android is good, and iOS is not available for free, so I favor Android.
  4. jacinthsamuel

    jacinthsamuel New Member

    Based on personal preference. If you want a phone that will be smooth, updated for atleast 5 years and you don't fiddle deep with your phone, then go for ios.
    If you like to customize your phone a lot, change OS of your phone and you want different options to choose from, then definitely go for android.
  5. AdinSingh

    AdinSingh New Member

    I would have to say android. The functions & features of android when being compared to ios are far superior and the availability of resources and overall cost surpasses it as well. In certain cases (depending on which android is chosen) quality & peformance must be taken into consideration when making a long term decision.
  6. novemgregg

    novemgregg New Member

    This depends on what you need to do in your phone. I believe android can closely run like to a laptop/ desktop's because of the file management system and just the openness of the system. Saying that, I can say that android is for someone who needs a file management system, someone like students and people who don't own a laptop.
    iOS has a great advantage but i believe that that advantage can only be achieved by purchasing other apple products.
    I believe that android, being cheaper and operating more like a windows computer is a good choice for someone who does not want to spend a lot.
  7. francislloyd

    francislloyd Member

    Android is the easiest to integrate and have a great future ahead with the user. it also consume more power.
  8. jerictinagav

    jerictinagav New Member

    When choosing between Android or iOS development, software engineers are often puzzled. Both systems, despite having architectural similarities, still have different development and maintenance approaches.
    Two systems are different from one another not just on the development level but even in terms of design and marketing strategy.
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    Which stack is faster and easier to master? Most mobile app developers find an iOS app easier to create than the Android one. Coding in Swift requires less time than getting around Java, the language has high readability.
    In the future, however, as Kotlin develops further, the tables may turn once again. The language is considered a soon-to-be Java replacement - it’s intuitive, modern, and easy to read
  9. agyapong724e

    agyapong724e New Member

    I prefer IOS. This is because IOS is fast and it helps me more than an android. And i think IOS is smooth and also very fast. It can not be affected by virus.
  10. Anshad14

    Anshad14 New Member

    Android is suitable for me and lovely to use iPhone
  11. Anshad14

    Anshad14 New Member

    I am using android version and it is suitable for me because, like me an middle class family member cannot buy apps in iPhones but in android so many apps are available as free and easy. In the last june 2019 i sales iphone 6s plus and brought Android mobile.And also android is perfect for hard and soft use and iphone is branded and highly secured for soft use.
  12. Johnpaul sampana

    Johnpaul sampana New Member

    I will consider is android phone because its better than ios because a smart phone more compatibility to ather phone and have a more fetures and more speed than ios in games without logbonding with friends and family because all of them smartphone user
  13. Gracious27

    Gracious27 New Member

    I've experienced using both and based on my observation, Apple and Google both have fantastic app stores. But Android is far superior at organizing apps, letting you put important stuff on the home screens and hide less useful apps in the app drawer. Also, Android's widgets are much more useful than Apple's.
  14. Gracious27

    Gracious27 New Member

    Also, both operating systems come with their advantages and disadvantages. Android is easy to customize because it works on Open Source but it comes with the risk of low security and privacy and security controls. While iOS development is less prone to the risk of malware and has tighter privacy and security controls.
  15. lolentbuu

    lolentbuu New Member

    It is based on your own needs, IOS is a promising brand that will amaze you due to its security, features, camera, and phone storage. Having IOS will make your look like a rich kid as all things or features on IOS cost a lot of money. e.g the charger, the maintenance of the phone, itunes, airpods, all of these things will cost you money to have them. Also, if you are using IOS phone you should have data always as you cannot use some apps unlike android in which you can use messenger in free data. But, android phone today are built to beat the other phones, like Iphone and other android devices. There are some gaming phone that has parts built in sync to have better perfomance. All the best parts we have today are being used on gaming phone. We have ROG phone by asus that can literally beat the Iphone. But having a high specs phone even if it is IOS or android, will cost you a lot of money to buy. So buy at your own risk and needs.
  16. Joaaan

    Joaaan New Member

    IOS looks clean and is very easy to use especially for older people. I would say I like IOS mainly because of its aesthetic. Android on the other hand is amazing. Since it's an opensource operating system, it's very easy to find solutions to problems you're having. And the market for smartphones are very wide too.
  17. Eliazar

    Eliazar New Member

    Apple has always been at the high end of the market in terms of pricing, but the iPhone X took things to a whole new level with a starting price of $1,000 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at $1,100. If you need something more affordable, the iPhone 11 starts from $700 and the latest iPhone SE from $400. That’s as cheap as it gets unless you delve into the secondhand market.

    For sheer scale and variety, nothing competes with Android. You can spend a lot if you want to, — for example, Samsung’s newest Z lineup costs nearly $1,400, but there’s also a huge selection of good, low-cost handsets from a wide variety of different manufacturers, and the platform has been deliberately optimized to run on low-end hardware. The fact that Android also leads the field in free apps makes it the natural choice for the budget-conscious.

    Winner: Android
  18. SnrRadebee

    SnrRadebee New Member

    Honestly I've had and used both so I feel I am in a perfect position to comment here. I feel IOS is beautifully designed and efficient but at the same time it is for an exclusive group. While Android is conducive to sharing across many different brands and is accessible to the majority of the people. Also Apple phones are too expensive.
  19. eSKei

    eSKei New Member

    I'm pretty biased for choosing android over iOS. I know iOS aims for convenience and android is for tech savvy users that know their way around technology.

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