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    It is controversial among fans whether Korean dramas or Japanese animations are better.

    Japanese animations, more commonly referred to as anime, are a Japanese style of motion-picture animation which uses colorful images, strong characters, and stories that have a lot of action.

    Anime is animated, so the producers are free to do whatever they want in terms of designing the characters.The characters look exactly how the writer pictured them, since the characters can be designed according to the director’s wishes.The characters sometimes have unrealistic, unique features, such as pink hair, and still look perfect without looking weird because it is anime.

    Also, anime has futuristic themes and magical elements. Eighth grader Alan Faber says, “I like anime because it has action and fighting, and it teaches you good life lessons. I love it.”

    Korean dramas, commonly referred to as K-dramas have many qualities that are unique from other shows. First of all, the characters are very fashionable. The clothes and accessories they wear are often straight from the runway. Also, K-drama theme music is K-Pop music, which has become a trend that is even bigger than Korean dramas.

    Lastly, K-dramas have the fresh, new factor that viewers are always looking for. They have very pure love stories and most dramas are G-rated. A simple kiss between actors may become newsworthy.

    There are many differences between Korean dramas and anime. K-dramas have cute actors, innocent first loves, realistic plots, and relatable actors. Anime contains obscure magical elements and crazy, disappointing plot twists.

    Anime vs. K-dramas is an ongoing debate between two of the most sought-after Asian medias.

    But as you all know all the above is irrelevant as K-dramas are now much better and entertaining then Anime and that if you still think otherwise then you my friend are a weeb.
  2. Warren1967

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    Anime for me because there is a lot of room for creativity.
  3. yhanmar08

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    I really don't know which is better because i like them both.
    When i was a teenager i was addictive in anime, i remember when i was in college i collect ghost fighter stickers and post it to my room everything you see in my room has ghost fighter stuff. But now I am a mom now, i am addicted to Korean drama. It really brings back me the feeling of being in love as an teenager. I watch it everyday now. Plus it is also one of our bonding with my eldest daughter. She also watch anime it was her favorite.
    Anime cartoons inspired her to draw the character that she like.
  4. Lhits

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    k drama
  5. AngKool27

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    anime, anime is so fun and interesting, specially One Piece.
  6. yetyet

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    Which is which? I like both and I can't chose which one. K-drama interesting, they offer a lot of stories and scenarios which are not common on other drama series.On the other hand Anime is also interesting, here we learn to appreciate the creativity of mankind at its finest in manipulating computer. Stories also are very catchy and it always brings us to the other parts of the world. Anime is for all ages and timeless, while k-drama is mostly for teenager and above but these two should not be fought because they both offer entertainment. It's all about audience choice and preference because I like both.
  7. mbrnrd

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    I dont know. I like both, actually. It just really depends on the story line. There are things you cant do in real life easily that can be portray on the anime easily and uniquely. But sometimes, kdramas are better than drawings. Thats why there are adaptations from manga, right
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  8. Shawty05

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    I in love of some of K-drama
  9. Rivalle12

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    I love both! When I cannot find a new anime to get into I look to see if there are any new K-Dramas out that look interesting and vice versa.
  10. MeepMop

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    I would say anime. The best stories really hit you hard, sometimes even the most mundane stories can pull at your heart strings. Although i do have to say, I haven't really sunk my teeth into many K-dramas yet.
  11. ItsMazohra

    ItsMazohra Member

    Can i Just say BOTH since, i am a anime lover and a korean drama fanatic. I mean, why choose? If i can Get BOTH.
  12. SaimaElas

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    I like them both.

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